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Friday Night All-Stars Week 26

Trevor (111-86-3) : Tyson (105-92-3)




Team D. Gelardi jumped themselves into third with their win over Team Steeves last week. They were almost completely even in the top three positions trailing only 7-8, but the difference maker in this match was the anchors. Dwayne Gelardi (1006) may have only had an average night but it looked monstrous next to Marc Steeves (730) season low. With the team winning grand total by 230 pins the 276-pin gap at anchor was what put them on top, Dwayne seems to have broken out of his early season slump now with five straight weeks over 1000. The team saw Roland Flaig (977) pick up his fifth straight win, and has averaged 247 over that span, with no weeks under 970. Team Armstrong is also coming off a win and the closest one of the night at that, only taking grand total by 21 pins over Team Rodych, with big help from their 98-pin win in game four. At leadoff Holly Chaikowski (799) grinded out a tough 4 points against Kevin Grabowksi (778) with all matches within 25 pins and capped off the comeback with a 222-212 win. The majority of the heavy lifting on the total was done by Ryan Lake (897) who pulled off the biggest win in this match at 85 pins over Cindy Cousins (812). Team Armstrong snapped their 4-week losing streak and looks to win back to back weeks for only the second time this season.

Over/Under: Roland Flaig Right Corner Spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi



Team Stevenson took a very untimely loss last week and a big one at that taking just 5 points. They now sit in 10th place and needing to makeup 9 points on Team LaMonica. The Michael duo in the middle ran into some big obstacles early as they averaged 260 for their first two games and zero points to show for it. The most notable of those was Michael Young (989) taking a 324-346 loss to the resurgent Jesse Gagnon (1028). The other half of that duo saw Michael Linsenmeier (973) down 130 pins after two 260 games, thanks to Jessica Meurrens (1054) 654-double to start the night. This marks two straight weeks taking losses with 970 totals for Michael, and 0-3 one the season when shooting in the 970s. On the other side Team Howarth continues to be one of the teams playing spoiler in the second half with yet another win against an A-side team. It was a strong showing from the whole lineup top to bottom. Mike Devenney (910) may have fallen short of a win, but claimed his spot as top Devenney in this matchup with his season high total. Mike finally popped his game one 200 cherry, marking the first time he’s started with a 200 this season, and even surpassing his strike totals from the past two weeks combined. With the team also being well supported at the bottom with a pair of 1050s from Scott Hitchcock (1057) and Glen Howarth (1052).

Over/Under: Alley Bourcier Corner Spares (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Match #3 – COOK vs NELSON

Team Cook was another team that had to grind out a close win, only clinching grand total by 36 pins over Team Lourenco 3742-3706. With the team 32 points back of Team Nelson for the half, the best chance of catching up requires they pull off a big 24+ point win tonight. It was not a flashy night by any means for Team Cook but they actually looked more like Team Lourenco than Team Lourenco did, averaging a pretty consistent 230 for the top three with Trevor Cook (974) just a touch higher. Trevor now holds the longest active win streak in the league at 9 in a row with his comeback win over Alex Thompson (952). One streak that was broken was Corey Chaikowski’s (915) odd week stat, with him shooting under 1000 on an odd week for the first time this half. Team Nelson had a slow start, taking just 1 point and down 100 pins but rallied only losing three points the rest of the night. Geoff Born (1091) claimed his spot as the high win % with his fourth sweep in the last six weeks. He took the biggest win of the match handing Linda Orne (886) a 200-pin. All of the top three players on the team are now 6-1 in the last 7 weeks.

Over/Under: Corey Chaikowski Chop Offs (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #4 – LOURENCO vs. LEYTE

This is a matchup of two teams that dominated the first half, but in the second half have had more hardship than celebration. Team Lourenco is on a four-week losing streak after taking a close loss to Team Cook. This team continues to be scary at leadoff as they lead the league in 1000+ leadoff totals, with James Jubinville (1001) just getting over the hump with his game four 352, and with Char Hurd (921) watching her 50-pin lead disappear very quickly. The team has been hurting on the bottom half with the last time they got a win in either the third or anchor position was Week 21. Last week was looking very promising with TD Holland’s (867) 510-double, before that quickly soured with little over 350 to finish for the last two, and handing back 127 pins to Corey Chaikowski (915) in game three losing 163-290. This might be right on par with the nose dive Alex Thompson (952) took after game one starting with an 151-pin lead only to watch Trevor Cook (979) chip it away game by game for the rest of the night. On Team Leyte, Wayne King (902) felt his pain on a smaller scale starting up 70 pins but ultimately losing 4-1 to Ray Bartel (929). The team’s savior for the night was Jesse Leyte (992) who beat up on Tyson Nelson (915), giving him his second win of the second half. With Team Leyte missing their top and bottom this week I think they might be missing the team chemistry edge they need to pull off the win tonight, likely going to see a 19-12 split.

Over/Under: James Jubinville Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



Team Meurrens has been on a tear in the last three weeks taking a combined 76 points, jumping themselves into the top for both the half and year end standings. The team’s sudden launch up the leader board goes hand in hand with whatever performance enhancing drugs Jesse Gagnon (1028) got on three weeks ago, because since then he is averaging 268 and has only lost one point which was to Michael Young (989) last week. The team was basically unstoppable last week when you also look at the fact that Jessica Meurrens (1054) started with a 654-double and could have had a monster night if not for the 157 to finish the night. The team also missed being the first team to shoot a 1200, finishing game two with 1199 and shooting 1008 for their bottom three (Jesse-346, Jessica 340, Brooke-322). That three-person score would have beat any of Team LaMonica’s four game totals. They had a great opportunity to gain some cushion on the field but got absolutely pumped by Team Howarth resulting in them now holding the final A-side spot 6 points above Team May and 8.5 above Team Stevenson. Derek Sanderson (828) led the team in points going 4-1 against Mark Prystupa (821) doing just the bare minimum for a win in the first three games, sweeping those points despite only being up 30 for total. This team needs both Andrew LaMonica (970) and Jennifer Devenney (895) to buy a map to the win column as they both ride four-week losing streaks and are currently the missing puzzle pieces in their team’s hopes to stay in A-side.

Over/Under: Chad Hurd Headpins (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #6 – MAY vs. S. GELARDI

This may be one of the biggest impact matches of the night when it comes to playoff implications, as these two teams sit 20 points apart, Team S. Gelardi in 7th and Team May in 9th. Team May did themselves no favours last week taking a big loss to Team Costello. The team can be pleased that Nakia Maxfield (784) is slowly trending up and was holding a 70-pin lead on Garry Bell (1012) until taking a combined 300-pin loss in the last two games. Aside from that the team’s only actual win came from Kyle Young (987) who is now a winner of five straight, and claimed his spot as the superior Kyle over Kyle Costello (915). Their opponents, Team S. Gelardi only faired marginally better thanks to Ralph Gelardi (1028) who broke his way into the 1000-club and with a 368-pin win over Tim Hooper (662). He has been a big key in their second half success with 6 wins in the last 7 weeks. Unfortunately for them this got eaten away very quickly by the 242-pin shutout that Brett Hendrickson (948) took from Ethan Buckman (1185), even despite that still set a season high for hits at 80%, and season low for pins left on deck at 16. A win tonight keeps them in the hunt for the half, as well as gives them that extra they cushion from the B-side teams below them.

Over/Under: Jayson May Middle Hits (31.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Match #7 – YOUZWA vs. COSTELLO

Team Youzwa despite being locked into the B-side continues to have fun playing spoiler for those teams in the hunt. Last week they played a 3-man defense against Team S. Gelardi shooting 3186 for their bottom three.  The bulk of those pins came from Ethan Buckman (1185) who set a personal season high with his 661-double in the middle of the night and even pulled off the rare strike % higher than hit % (75% > 74% respectively). I will say rare to see when the numbers are above 70%... other wise technically Tim Hooper (662) also achieved it, 58% > 28%. Ethan’s season high paired well with yet another strong showing from Tracy Jubinville (988) who now has two straight weeks over 980. Team Costello is looking to avoid becoming their third victim in three weeks after a big win last week. The team must have had the scoresheet upside down as Garry Bell (1012) led the team from the leadoff spot, despite a slow start, a 635-double to finish the night got him his first 1000 of the season, and capped off his night by joining the exclusive 200-pin win club, taking down Nakia Maxfield (784) in game four 356-154. He continues to have an impressive second half, now 6-2 and coming in as a heavy favourite in tonight’s matchup versus Tim. The team may have to explain to Derek Sabourin (989) that games between 200 and 290 are possible, with two games 200 or lower and two over 290, no two games within 100 pins of each other. Team Costello is cemented in A-side for the year, but needs to make up 25 points on Team Nelson to take the half.

Over/Under: Kyle Costello Pins Left (21.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Match #8 – STEEVES vs. RODYCH

This match got pushed all the way to the far end as it has only a small chance to have any relevance on the overall standings. That small chance requires Team Rodych to take a lot of points as they sit 26 points back of 8th place. Team Rodych did see Brandon Mansell (974) pickup his first sub-1000 win, and ironically against one of the league’s high averages Kevin Boyko (913)., even winning a thrilling 184-182 final game. The team likely had a decent chance at total with Cindy Cousins (812) starting with 258 but then it looks like she switched to her left hand averaging 184 for the rest of the night. That would have still been enough to beat Marc Steeves (730) who doesn’t have enough Jager to forget what he did last week, dropping 400 pins from his 1100 just the week before. Marc now holds the league high for headpins in a night with 17, making up 40% of his balls thrown on the night. The unfortunate part of the timing of this is that just him keeping pace with Dwayne Gelardi (1006) would have been enough to get his team the win. Dave Duncan (1009) picked up his slack in a very loud match with Cordell Galbecka (898), that was highlighted by a 808-triple to finish the night.

Over/Under: Marc Steeves Headpins (8.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

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