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Friday Night All-Stars Week 26 Review

Fun Fact: Leadoff & Second position bowlers combined for 6 - 1000+ totals, anchors only had 4.

Match #1 – Gelardi (15.5) vs. LaMonica (15.5)

Almost the end of the season but we finally have our first official tie. The Gelardi matchup at anchor saw both players shoot a little under average on the night. Sam Gelardi (950) starting slow with a 383 double but salvaging his night with a 567 double in the last two, however it was still not enough to top the consistency of Dwayne Gelardi (990). Despite my assumption that it would be the anchors to shine in this match originally, it was the thirds that really put on a show. Andrew LaMonica (1013) was shutout the first two games with a 529 double, all thanks to Robbie Hendrickson (1043) coming out on fire with a 625 double. Wayne Wolanksi (688) may have had a rough night but he secured his only point over Jeff Bradshaw (878) in game four, 186-178, to give his team the tie. Season series Team Gelardi (26.5) 0.5 – 1.5 Team LaMonica (35.5)

Dominant Performances

Robbie Hendrickson – 331 (1), 625 (2), 1043 (4)

Andrew LaMonica – 1013 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( T )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( T )

Match #2 – Devenney (13) vs. Cousins (18)

A tight match all night, this one came down to being decided in the fourth game where Team Cousins pulled out the 872-848 win to secure grand total 3529-3517 over Team Devenney. Even with the set only having one male bowler, Neil Stewart (1000) made it count and put up a season high total and nearly carried his team to victory. This match also saw Cindy Cousins (954) continue to show off her revitalized bowling as of late, in a back-and-forth battle with Jennifer Devenney (898). The real clincher in this match for Team Cousins had to be the finish from Shannon Pruden (890) with 516 for her last two, gaining 162 pins on Lana Wachal (808) in those games. Season series Team Devenney (24) 0 - 2 Team Cousins (38)

Dominant Performances

Neil Stewart – 321 (1), 596 (2), 1000 (4)

Shannon Pruden – 516 (2)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Match #3 – Cook (15) vs. King (16)

This was a high-pressure match for both teams. Keeping it close Team King extends their lead over Team Cook to 3.5 points with just four weeks left. A big help for Team Cook was Dave Priestley (708) picking up his first win since Week 13, over a struggling Chris Fedorchuk (688). Now usually Patrick Walker (1050) shooting 1050 in the second position would have made up for that, except in this case when it only managed to take a single point off Jayson May (1063). Luckily, Karen Armstrong (902) was more than able to make up the pins on Chris Dewar (817). This set the stage for a magnificent comeback by Wayne King (986) in game four, despite being shutout by Trevor Cook (968) up until that game. The 316-209 beatdown got Wayne the game, his total and helped get his team grand total. Season series Team Cook (25) 0 - 2 Team King (37)

Dominant Performances

Jayson May – 806 (3), 1063 (4)

Trevor Cook – 324 (1)

Patrick Walker – 329 (1), 815 (3), 1050 (4)

Wayne King – 319 (1), 986 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #4 – Lourenco (18) vs. Orne (13)

In an uncharacteristic turn of events Team Lourenco pulls off a game four comeback to capture their win over Team Orne. This win leaves Team Lourenco 20.5 points back of Team king for the last A-side spot, a very large gap to cover with only four weeks left. Team Orne marks the second team tonight to have lost despite having their leadoff shoot over 1000. Sandi Anderson (1095) provided more than you could hope for at leadoff, beating fellow spare Jon Linley (942) 3-2. After being on the receiving end of a few game-four beatdowns, Dave Duncan (1021) dished out his own with a 360-229 win over David Wastle (819). The women dominated the bottom half of these lineups with both Linda Orne (935) and Belle Lourenco (979) taking four points off their opponents. This extends Belle’s hot streak to four weeks, averaging 254 over that span. Season series Team Lourenco (28) 1 - 1 Team Orne (34)

Dominant Performances

Sandi Anderson – 318 (1), 847 (3), 1095 (4)

Linda Orne – 548 (2)

Dave Duncan – 360 (1), 1021 (4)

Belle Lourenco – 979 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne ( X )

Match #5 – Stevenson (22) vs. B. Jeffers (9)

Team Stevenson continues their torrid pace, picking up their eighth consecutive win, taking out yet another fellow A-side contender. With this win Team Stevenson sits only 5.5 points back of first in the second half. This match was a slaughter at every position, with the closest matchup being 158 pins between Erik Stewart (887) and Scott Saunderson (729) at leadoff. Team Stevenson’s top three positions took 13/15 points, including a sweep by Jayden Nickerson (974), taking a 236-pin victory over Adam Williamson (740). At anchor it was a different story as Tyson Nelson (1156) previously on a cold-streak decided to warm himself up and use Dylan Stevenson (766) as his kindling in a 390-pin bombardment. The author feels bad and wishes he didn’t have to write about that part of the match. Season series Team Stevenson (32) 1 - 1 Team B. Jeffers (30).

Dominant Performances

Jayden Nickerson – 564 (2), 976 (4)

Tyson Nelson – 366 (1), 658 (2), 927 (3), 1156 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( X )

Match #6 – Enns (17) vs. Rodych (14)

Team Enns makes it four in a row, and currently sit only 7 points back of that elusive final spot in A-side. It certainly was not a high scoring match, but Team Enns managed to secure three of four individuals totals. Dwight Hurd (745) picks up a win, and breaks his own cold streak after being shut out the previous two weeks. In the second position, both Garry Bell (733) and Carter Schade (654) are possibly trying to being down their averages for next season’s draft, as both only managed a single game over average in this 3-2 split. Matt Rodych (971) finds his third sweep in the last four weeks as he pulls out a big week and tries to secure his captaincy for next season. After a hot start to her season, Lexie Sutherland (879) has slightly cooled off these past couple weeks, scraping together just a single point tonight. She will look to bounce back next week. Season series Team Enns (38) 2 - 0 Team Rodych (24).

Dominant Performances

Kyle Costello – 303 (1), 1010 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Match #7 – Youzwa (26) vs. C. Jeffers (5)

Team Youzwa needed a big win tonight and they found it. This puts them in 6th, 27.5 points up on Team Cook who is currently in the 9th spot, a sizeable gap with just four weeks remaining. Unfortunately for Team C. Jeffers only their spares were able to capture any points, and 80% of them came from Bob Borden (820) nearly sweeping Mark Prystupa (761) at leadoff. The women were on fire in this match though, Jenna Gillrie (967) posted her season high and swept Al Bristow (827) in the process. The thirds were no exception with Brooke Goulet (986) having a strong performance and yet only grabbing a single point from Chloe Fleming (991), who shot a much-needed bounce back week. The biggest highlight of the night came from Colton Youzwa (1211) who put the down on Anthony Novak (836) posting a 375-pin victory and Colton’s second 1200+ week in the last four. He also becomes the first player with three 1200+ weeks this season. Season series Team Youzwa (39.5) 1 - 1 Team C. Jeffers (22.5).

Dominant Performances

Jenna Gillrie – 967 (4)

Brooke Goulet – 305 (1), 986 (4)

Chloe Fleming – 318 (1), 991 (4)

Colton Youzwa – 300, 378 (1), 1211 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( ✓ )

Match #8 – Hurd (22) vs. Bartram (9)

This win was big for Team Hurd. Team Youzwa does jump then in the standing but they are still 7th with a 25.5-point cushion between them and 9th place. The end result was less than ideal for Team Bartram but given they have now posted back-to-back season high totals they should be feeling great about the way they are bowling recently. Chad Hurd (960) snapped his lane 15-16 curse, but unluckily, despite his 30-pin advantage in average found himself on the losing end to Colton Harris (1017). This is Colton’s first 1000 this season, and has put up an amazing 235 average over his last three weeks. This was further complimented by Jeston Bartram (1027) putting up his second straight 1000+ week. However, a couple good totals were still not enough when facing the 2-3-4 combo of Team Hurd who combined for a 248 average on the night, and leading the charge was Kevin Naugler (1045) with a steady consistent night. Season series Team Hurd (30) 1 - 1 Team Bartram (32).

Dominant Performances

Colton Harris – 310 (1), 815 (3), 1017 (4)

Jeston Bartram – 1027 (4)

Chad Hurd – 323 (1), 960 (4)

Kevin Naugler – 309 (1), 1045 (4)

Brett Hendrickson – 301 (1), 973 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( ✓ )

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