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Friday Night All-Stars Week 27

Trevor (117-88-3) : Tyson (109-96-3)




Team LaMonica pulled off something they have not done much this season… win when they were actually picked to do so, it only took half the team missing to do so. Andrew LaMonica (951) pulled off a captain like comeback against Brooke Goulet (949) with his 268-237 win in game four to clutch his total by 2 pins. The head-to-head matchups were close all around in this match as the largest gap came from Ryan Lake (954) topping Chad Hurd (888) by 66 pins, after starting the night down 80 pins. Team LaMonica sits in the last A-side spot and hold a 14.5 point lead on Team Stevenson and 19 points on Team May. Though they are out of the hunt, Team Steeves is getting warmed up for the playoffs, taking a close match with Team Rodych. They did so with only one teammate winning their match. Sandi Anderson (1000) lived up to her legendary stories crushing Cindy Cousins (787) by 213 pins. The anchors could not have had a more even night as they tied with 2.5 points Marc Steeves (1112) winning his total by 1-pin over Brandon Mansell (1111) making it the highest combined total in a tie this season. Team Steeves looks to play spoiler once again tonight.

Which is Higher: Jennifer Devenney Headpins or Derek Sanderson Corners?

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Match #2 – COSTELLO vs. LEYTE

Team Costello picked up a big win last week, now sitting just 11 points out of first in the half. Garry Bell (770) was on the ropes against Tim Hooper (678) to start last week only breaking free and saving his night with a 105-pin win in the last game 231-126, marking it as the lowest score to win by 100+ this season. Matt Turanski (959) found himself in a similar boat against Scott Buchanan (868) going into the last game up 10 but pulling off an 81-pin win, 238-157. The team is setup nicely as Kyle Costello (1031) is also undefeated on lanes 3 and 4 this season, averaging 4 points a night. Team Leyte will look to use this as a building block week as they are relatively safe on the A-side, 27 points ahead of 9th, but sitting 11th in the half. Even last week playing a very rough looking Team Lourenco they managed just 11 points. Not to show up Tim too badly, Cam Boon (816) also set the league record for lowest game thrown in the anchor position with his opening game 128, and despite that still managed himself a 4-point night against Belle Lourenco (767). Unfortunately, this was the team’s only win as Jim Leyte (773) lost by 5 pins to Quinton Crockett (778) and Wayne King (884) despite being up 2-0 to start the night finished down 2-3 to James Jubinville (259) who stole total by 3 pins.

Over/Under: Jesse Leyte Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello



Team Meurrens is another team relatively safe but given their ability to lose in a big-fashion I think they need one more good week to lock in their A-side spot. Last week, their hot streak cooled down with only one bowler breaking 900, and only one picking up a win. The winner was Jesse Gagnon (855) who head onto an early lead against TD Holland (850) to claim his fourth win in a row. Brooke Goulet (949) was nearly there too except letting Andrew LaMonica (951) finish on top after a game four comeback. The team will look to Jessica Meurrens (899) to lead them tonight as she is the only one on her team with a winning record on this pair of lanes, last losing a point on them back in Week 3. Team Rodych took a hard to swallow loss last week despite only losing one individual match to Team Steeves. One of those wins was Matt Rodych (879) snapping his four-week losing streak on Jayden Nickerson (845) with four points thanks to a pair of wins by 6 pins or less. As the story has been most of the season Brandon Mansell (1111) rarely gets an easy night but losing total with over 1100 is a new one for him, but the silver lining is the night still finished as a tie with Marc Steeves (1112) thanks to a 306-306 tie in game three.

Over/Under: Matt Rodych Pins Left (31.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #4 – COOK vs. S. GELARDI

Team Cook did exactly what they and the rest of the league wanted them to do which was give Team Nelson a big loss and tighten up that second half race. The top half of Team Cook crushed their nights with Char Hurd (937) and Nadine Alblas (1036) combing to win by 395 pins over Erik Stewart (732) and Ray Bartel (846) and sweeping all 10 points at the same time. Char really does not want to lose to Team Nelson as she finishes up the season averaging 235 against them, the highest against any team she’s played this season. Corey Chaikowski (1018) was a little off beat with his even week 1000 but it wasn’t enough for a win this week with Ryan Born (1056) gaining the edge on him in games three and four. The team will look to knock down Team S. Gelardi in the exact same way this week. Hard to say what Team S. Gelardi will do this week as Brett Hendrickson (953) was the only member of his team there last week, but secured his win easily over Jayson May (850). Despite almost the entire team being spares, they looked pretty spot on to the originals. The team pulled out some dark horse wins with Jenna Gilrie (986) winning two games by over 100 pins against Nakia Maxfield (789), and Tyler Reynolds (970) consistently feeding Clavin Cline (888) 50-pin losses.

Over/Under: Amanada Devenney Left Corners (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #5 – D. GELARDI vs. HOWARTH

Team D. Gelardi with their win last week now sits in a three-team pack currently hunting down Team Nelson for the second half, with them only needing to make up 12 points. Last week playing Team Armstrong they put on a clinic winning two matches by over 200 pins, both by their spares. David Wastle (871) laid the boot to an already dead Holly Chaikowski (644) and Will Thompson (1048) just beat down Kevin Boyko (8170 on his worst night of the season. Roland Flaig (948) was not quite as flashy but made it an entertaining match with Richard Parisian (907) as he gained 60 pins in the last game to steal the win making it six straight. With the return of Dwayne Campbell to the team this week they should look to put up some big numbers. Team Howarth was inches from picking up their fourth win of the half, needing just a few more pins from either Mark Prystupa (723) or Glen Howarth (906). Glen got his win over Jeston Bartram (810) handedly but lost a close 206-219 game to finish the night giving up their last point of the night. Mark managed to get the 3-2 win over Alley Bourcier (740) but needed another 18 pins to clinch his total and the win. Mark unfortunately averages less than 1 point in weeks following a win, and going against Robbie Hendrickson is not a favorable matchup to change that.

Over/Under: Mike Devenney Chop Offs (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Match #6 – LOURENCO vs. YOUZWA

Team Lourenco was a one man show last week with the return of Kevin Naugler (1104). He threw more games over 270 last week than he had in the previous six weeks combined, which resulted in a rough night for Linda Orne (931) who managed just one point. This luckily balanced out all the extra slack from his captain Belle Lourenco (767) who had her worst week of the season finishing the night with a 566-triple. The team was lucky that both Quinton Crockett (778) and James Jubinville (887) managed to claim their totals in the 10th frame of the last game, winning their totals by a combined 8 pins over Jim Leyte (773) and Wayne King (884). James might need that luck again tonight going against the better Jubinville, Tracy (826) in one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the season. In much the same way Ethan Buckman (1066) after his win in anchor last week claimed he will beat anyone in any position, so no better test than his former captain Belle. The two come in trending in very different directions with Ethan averaging 265 since his return but Belle only averaging 216 over the same span. This match has little impact on the standings but will have plenty of bragging rights on the line.

Who’s sleeping on the couch Tracy or James?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



These two teams were just bad last week, and each was only saved thanks to one bowler shooting over 1000. For Team Armstrong that player was Matt McKillop (1036) to pick up a win over Cordell Galbecka (958). Not enough to make up for the season low from Kevin Boyko (816) that saw him get buried by Will Thompson (1048). Kevin is now riding a three-week losing streak for the second time this half and also will need a big finish to his season if he hopes to try and push his way back to top average. Team Stevenson’s savior was Michael Linsenmeier (1032) thanks to a pair of 309 games that resulted in his 3-2 win over Craig Enns (909). Michael is currently on a tear averaging 252 over the last four weeks but only finding the win columns in the two weeks that were over 1000 meaning he’s had to work for those wins. He is still light years ahead of Michael Young 9803) who is coming off one of his worst weeks this season and despite that still managed a win over Jim Anderson (735). This match will really fall to the leadoffs as both teams have had their most success when their leadoffs have managed a win or at least kept total within 30 pins.

Over/Under: Holly Chaikowski Corner Spares (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Match #8 – NELSON vs. MAY

Team Nelson lost a good chunk of their cushion last week thanks to a beat down they received by Team Cook. It was not a top-quality night for the top half of the team as Erik Stewart (732) got murdered by 205 pins thanks to Char Hurd (937) hnading him his first shutout of the season. Also, he narrowly avoided becoming the first player this season to miss as many corner pins (0/7) as strikes thrown (8). Ray Bartel (846) did not fair much better as he got swept by Nadine Alblas (1036) who handed him his first shutout as well. In his defense it was basically two on one… which sounds better than got beat up by a pregnant woman. Team May didn’t fair any better despite Kyle Young (1108) beating up on young Alex Thompson (946) like a manager in a sweatshop. He has taken the lead on a high average which has basically become a three-horse race between him, Sam and Trevor. The team’s missing link the last few weeks has been Jayson May (850) who took just one point for the third week in a row, and averaging just 215 over that span. This number is likely to change as Jayson has been loving the high side of the alley this season, averaging 250 on that side of the building.

Over/Under: Jayson May Corners (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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