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Friday Night All-Stars Week 28

Trevor (122-91-3) : Tyson (115-98-3)




Team Costello effectively shot themselves in the foot last week taking just 6 points and dropping them 30.5 points back of first for the half. The one who not only shot himself but unloaded the entire gun, was Matt Turanski (702) who shot a season low and capped off with a 300-double, handing Linda Orne (983) her third sweep of the half. Luckily the team’s silver bullet was Garry Bell (862) who’s 4 points made up 75% of his team’s total points picking up a win over Alycia Mann (774). This is an ideal bounce back week for Kyle Costello (927) as he is just 1-4 in his last five, and comes in as a favourite over Kevin Naugler (890). Despite a below average night, Kevin was able to take the 3-2 win over Colton Youzwa (895), even in spite of the 139-pin loss in game one. The team was able to make up for yet another loss from Belle Lourenco (889) who after getting tossed around by Ethan Buckman (976) is now riding a five-week losing streak. On the other hand, James Jubinville (865) tried his hardest to let his wife Tracey Jubinville (807) win only for her to hand it right back in the last game with a 258-162 win and claiming his rightful spot as head of the household. Not since Chris Brown and Rhianna has there been such a partner beatdown.

Over/Under: Quinton Crockett Left Corner Spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



Team Meurrens went back to their old faithful strategy, the women kick ass and the boys just tag along for the ride. Last week that was especially the case for Brooke Goulet (1180) who shot a season high total finishing the night with a 660-double and adding to the long list of high scores shot at Brandon Mansell (1032) this season. Trailing behind in score, but taking even more points was captain Jessica Meurrens (993) who swept Matt Rodych (817) which gives her, her 6th sweep of the year, as many as the rest of her team combined. Team Steeves was also bottom heavy in scoring last week with 8/9 individual points coming from Jayden Nickerson (908) and Janna Van Walleghem (975). The team unfortunately saw Jennifer Duncan (765) get swept by Derek Sanderson (986), her first time being swept since Week 1 of the season. This matchup will really come down to Team Meurren’s men versus the Duncans… that will decide this match.

Over/Under: Jayden Nickerson Right Corner Spare % (50.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #3 – YOUZWA vs LEYTE

Team Leyte is doing their best Team Meurrens impression this half, becoming the new boom or bust team picking up their 4th week this half 25 points or more. Linda Orne (983) led the charge with her win over Matt Turanski (702) and could have really had a breakout night if not for a season high six missed corner spares. Jesse Leyte (1006) also made it back-to-back wins taking down Kyle Costello (927) 4-1, and will look to put together three straight wins for the first time this season as he faces Colton Youzwa (895). Colton is coming off a rough week despite a 304-165 win over Kevin Naugler (890) to start the night the 591-triple quickly soured the night. The team was at least able to pick up one win with Ethan Buckman (976) extending his winning streak to four weeks taking down his former captain Belle Lourenco (889) and now putting that streak on the line against Linda. Much like Linda, Tracey Jubinville (807) also decided to set a season high on missed corner spares with 8, going 7/15 against hubby James Jubinville (865) handing him the bragging rights in the household.

Over/Under: Linda Orne Chop Spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte



This is close to a do or die for Team Stevenson as they sit 14.5 points back of Team LaMonica for the last A-side spot. Last week they kept their dreams alive beating Team Armstrong. The top half was key as Alley Bourcier (847) and Michael Young (984) combined for 7 points and an extra 142 pins over Holly Chaikowski (789) and Karrie Thiebert (900). It also helped having the bottom two only losing their totals by a combined 33 pins. The closest of those being Michael Linsenmeier (915) losing to Richard Parisian (924) with the last game deciding the winner as Richard took it 209-206. Team D. Gelardi is in the same boat for the half as they sit 15.5 points back of Team Nelson. A strong sweeping of Team Howarth kept them right in the hunt. Roland Flaig (873) chose the perfect timing for his low week of the half, as it came against Craig Enns’ (776) low week of the season, with neither of them shooting over 200 in the same game. This extends Roland’s win streak to 7 weeks, tied for the longest active streak in the league. Not far behind is Dwayne Gelardi (1038) who also has his own four-week winning streak thanks to a 579-double to finish the night against Glen Howarth (958).

Over/Under: Robbie Hendrickson Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Match #5 – S. GELARDI vs. NELSON

With essentially only three teams left in the hunt for the half this match will be a prime focus as Team S. Gelardi is just 16.5 points back of Team Nelson, meaning they would leap frog them with a 24-7 win. The team made a good push last week taking down Team Cook by nearly 300 pins. Over 70% of that coming from Ralph Gelardi (1022) who apparently did not lose his rhythm in Mexico putting up back-to-back 1000+ weeks much to the dismay of Char Hurd (806). This gives him a co-share of the longest active wining streak at 7 weeks now. The smallest win came from Brett Hendrickson (898) who not only is daddy to his new daughter, but to TD Holland (885) as well after his game four comeback to steal total and the match. Team Nelson helped their cause greatly last week taking the high points on the night with 26 over Team May. Team Nelson becomes the first official team to lock in their A-side spot, now 104 points up on 9th place. The biggest win of the night was Geoff Born (1069) dismantling Jayson May (837) and retaining his position as league’s high win %, and another member of the 7 in a row club currently on hot streaks in the second half. Just behind him was Tyson Nelson (1064) who picked up his first league win over Kyle Young (1011) thanks to several generous 10th frames from Kyle.

Over/Under: Brett Hendrickson Chop Spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #6 – LAMONICA vs. RODYCH

This is another match with playoff implications as Team LaMonica only has a 14-point cushion on Team Stevenson for that last A-side spot. The team flipped the lineup for last week with their top performer being Derek Sanderson (986) who had a season high total, just missing his first 1000 by 14 pins, but having more than enough to capitalize on an off-night from Jennifer Duncan (765). Luckily their Jennifer, Jennifer Devenney (918) was on all night, Duncan Dave’s donuts in a 4-1 win, and snapping her four-week losing streak. The main concern for Team LaMonica tonight is going to be Brandon Mansell (1032) who makes up for his inability to win, with a deadly spare precision currently leading the league in corner spares at 86%, averaging less than one miss a night. This has been on full display the past three weeks going 24/25, but with only one win in that span. Also last week did not help having Brooke Goulet (1180) nearly shoot 1200 to blow him out of the water. After a pair of off weeks from Gillian LaMonica (715) and Matt Rodych (817) one of them will need to step up to give Brandon a hand if they want to stay in the match.

Over/Under: Chris Dewar Pins Left : Headpins Ratio (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #7 – COOK vs. MAY

Both these teams had outside chances of making it into the A-side but after both were ran over last week their chances are less than 10%, as they need to makeup over 30 points in the last three weeks. Team May fell victim to Team Nelson, with Kyle Young (1011) seeing his six-week winning streak ended by Tyson Nelson (1064), putting up 9 headpins for the third straight week. The rest of the team did not fair much better as Ray Bartel (921) slapped around Calvin Cline (904) like it was a bingo bowl, did let the totals fool you, 84 pins were made up in the last game. Team Cook only faired marginally better since they got one game total off Team S. Gelardi. Trevor Cook (981) managed to salvage his night despite starting with a pair of 190s, but couldn’t quite close the gap on Sam Gelardi (1008). The Trevor will be looking for his win tonight less for the points but more in hopes of catching Kyle for high average sitting 3 pins back. The one positive note for Team Cook is Amanda Devenney (899) is undefeated in weeks following a 1-point night which she had against Kelly Smith (920).

Over/Under: Kyle Young Headpins (8.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook



Nothing like a little brother sister team showdown to round out the night. With not much to play for at this point in the season I expect this to be a relatively quiet match. Team Armstrong has reactivated Karen Armstrong off their injured reserve and adding her name to the list of rehabbing players looking to close out the season, should be a good bought with Mike Devenney (800). Coming off his best two weeks of the half Mike has looked solid for the last month or so, and I fully expect to see him hover right around that 800-mark tonight. That would be more than Craig Enns (776) pulled together last week as he had one of his worst weeks this season, basically handing the win to Roland Flaig (876). Team Armstrong made a good run at it last week keeping within around 100 pins of Team Stevenson. Which is impressive when you consider their biggest win was Kevin Boyko (1001) over Dylan Stevenson (977). The only other win was Richard Parisian (924) who squeaked out a tight one with Michael Linsenmeier (915), giving him a pretty consistent last five weeks, low of 906 and high of 945, I expect that’s like the range we will see him in tonight as well as he plays Craig.


Over/Under: Craig Enns Middle Hits (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

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