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Friday Night All-Stars Week 29 Review

Match #1 – Devenney (17) vs. Hurd (14)

Team Devenney continued to play spoiler last week, taking another win off a top-8 team. Team Hurd has certainly been prone to close matches in the second half, this marks their 5th loss with 14 or more points, in the second half. Team Hurd had only 17 pins between their worst and best players on the night, unfortunately that range was 812-829. So, as you would expect, the matchups continually went in Team Devenney’s favour as they worked their way down the lineup. Leading the charge was none other than Jennifer Devenney (1019), giving opposing anchor Brett Hendrickson (829) a nearly 200-pin beatdown. This match was actually fairly close all night until Team Devenney broke away in game four with a 942-782 win to steal away grand total 3409-3294. Season series Team Devenney (26) 1 – 1 Team Hurd (36)

Dominant Performances

Jennifer Devenney – 318 (1), 1018 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Match #2 – B. Jeffers (19) vs. Gelardi (12)

This was a tight match all night with both teams having a handful of one ball games. The grand total was even decided on the last ball of the night, with a strike from Tyson Nelson (926) to give his team the win 3360-3359. The rest of the night it was the middle core for Team B. Jeffers that gave them the win last week. Adam Willamson (892) took advantage of Robbie Hendrickson’s (718) worst week of the season, taking a clean sweep, and marking only the second sweep Robbie has given up this season. At second, Ben Jeffers (864) and Wayne Wolanski (808) had a closer match than the 4-1 split would show, with a couple close games going in favour of Ben. The interior positions almost perfectly balanced, the leadoff and anchor positions as Kyle Costello (1061) and Mitch Dubell (772) both had their way as they combined for 9 out of 10 points. Season series Team B. Jeffers (30) 1 - 1 Team Gelardi (32)

Dominant Performances

Kyle Costello –1061 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Match #3 – Bartram (5) vs. Cousins (26)

This was Team Cousins night all night, especially with three players over 930 for the first time this season. As predicted, one of the leadoffs would break off a big week and unfortunately for Derek Sanderson (733) it was Gillian LaMonica (949) who after a close first game ran away with the rest of the night. The bottom half for Team Bartram put up a fight at least taking 4 of the team’s 5 points, and combined only lost 23 pins on total. This included a rare 3-2 split with Cindy Cousins (955) and Jeston Bartram (963) that saw Jeston only win one game and still take total, all thanks to his game two win 256-173. The thirds had a similarly close matchup with Char McIvor (934) having a really consistent night with the first three games all between 239 & 256, and only a small slip up in game four to let Chelsea Kehler (903) get a little closer. Season series Team Bartram (22.5) 1 - 1 Team Cousins (39.5)

Dominant Performances

Gillian LaMonica – 949 (4)

Cindy Cousins – 304 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Match #4 – King (19) vs. Youzwa (12)

Another huge win for Team King as they continue to hold onto that 8th and final spot in the A-side. Team King made a strong finish taking game four 969-882 to win grand total by 47 pins over Team Youzwa. This was a grind of a week for every matchup as they went to a 3-2 split. The first of these was between Jenna Gillrie (944) and Patrick Walker (930) trading wins back and forth, both having relatively good nights. Lana Wachal (787) was yet another bowler to win their total despite winning only one game off Mark Prystupa (773), with the only win coming in game three 176-126, every other game was decided by 14 pins or less. The closest of these matchups came between Chloe Fleming (871) and Karen Armstrong (879). Karen made a 25-pin comeback with a 221-196 win game three, giving her four consecutive winning weeks, the longest winning streak for her this season. Season series Team King (37) 2 - 0 Team Youzwa (25)

Dominant Performances

Jenna Gillrie – 944 (4)

Patrick Walker – 301 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team King ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Match #5 – Orne (16) vs. Enns (15)

Team Enns may not have gotten the win but they kept it as close as they possibly could, as they still sit in the 9th position just outside of the A-side. This was yet another match that came down to the last frame, as Team Orne only took grand total 3500-3493, and it was their top half that did the heavy lifting. The leadoff and second position for Team Orne combined for 196-pin advantage and dominated with 9 out of 10 points. This was definitely needed as team captain Linda Orne (857) was swept for only the second time this season, thanks to a big night from opposing captain Craig Enns (973) tying his high week for the year. Even Glen Howarth (903) cooling off slightly from his hot streak still adds to his four-week winning streak after a tough night from Matt Sutherland (831). Season series Team Orne (32) 2 - 0 Team Enns (30).

Dominant Performances

Jennifer Duncan – 519 (2)

Craig Enns – 973 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne ( ✓ )

Match #6 – LaMonica (10.5) vs. Stevenson (20.5)

Team Lamonica should probably consider themselves lucky have scraped together 10.5 points after only have 4.5 through the first three games. Team Stevenson dominated totals through the first three games shooting no lower than 947. They were another team that benefited from their top two positions controlling their matchups. Tyler Reynolds (848) had a fairly average night but still managed four points off Jeff Bradshaw (789), but the big advantage came at leadoff where Dixie McDonald (985) took the boot to Cyndie Barnett (764) handing her her second sweep of the season. Team LaMonica’s bottom half tried to makeup the difference but still fell short as a team. However, on a personal note Andrew LaMonica (1052) has now put up three consecutive 1000+ weeks, and Sam Gelardi (1017) has put up four in his last five weeks, making them the strongest 3-4 combo in the league at the moment. Season series Team LaMonica (26.5) 1 - 1 Team Stevenson (35.5).

Dominant Performances

Dixie McDonald – 316 (1), 985 (4)

Jayden Nickerson – 331 (1)

Andrew LaMonica – 837 (3), 1052 (4)

Sam Gelardi – 303 (1), 808 (3), 1017 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( X )

Match #7 – Lourenco (23) vs. Rodych (8)

Unfortunately, this big win is just a little too late for Team Lourenco to make their push for A-side, and unless your name was Matt Rodych (982) you probably weren’t all too excited with how you bowled. This was a fairly low scoring match with Team Lourenco easily taking grand total 3350-3141. Both thirds ended up passing their anchors after this week. Matt was the lone member of his team to win total, taking 3 points off Ethan Buckman (907) who was up and down all night, and even uncharacteristically missed a season high three corner spares on the night. The anchor matchup was a barn burner as Belle Lourenco (838) scraped out a win over an even rougher night from Lexie Sutherland (798). At the top, Tabatha Gelardi (765) and Mark Goldsworthy (840) both had slightly below average nights but had favourable matchups with spare Allison (666) and Carter Schade (692) that let them walk away with 8 of 10 points. Season series Team Lourenco (44) 2 - 0 Team Rodych (18).

Dominant Performances

Matt Rodych – 982 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( ✓ )

Match #8 – Cook (25) vs. C. Jeffers (6)

Team Cook needed this big win last week to help keep themselves in the hunt for A-side. Chris Jeffers (864) took 5 of his team’s 6 points, sweeping Dave Priestley (654). That was about the only good thing to come out of Team C. Jeffer’s night. From second down to anchor Team Cook nearly had a perfect night, taking 14 of 15 points with the only loss coming from Tim Hooper (894) 271-228 over Alyssa Campbell (1040). Between Jayson May (935), Alyssa, and Trevor Cook (1033) they had no games under 220, a great matchup for them when you see their opponents only had three games over 220. Anthony Novak (714) especially did not have his rhythm on the night, shooting season lows in almost every stat line, definitely a shake it off and forget it kind of week. Season series Team Cook (45) 2 - 0 Team C. Jeffers (17).

Dominant Performances

Alyssa Campbell – 1040 (4)

Trevor Cook – 1033 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( ✓ )

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