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Friday Night All-Stars Week 3

Trevor (7-9-0) : Tyson (6-10-0)

Week 2 Review by Anonymous Casual Observer

Fleming (20) vs Naugler (11) – Take the 11 and run Naug

Howarth (18) vs Stevenson (13) – Glenn sweeps, steals the win

Youzwa (21) vs Rodych (10) – Team Youzwa too consistent, starts at top

Hendrickson (18) vs S. Gelardi (13) – Hurd drops turd, wins anyway

LaMonica (21) vs King (10) – King wins Game 1 then… Price is Right yodler

Lourenco (23) vs Cook (8) – Team Lourenco all shoot same total, strategy works

Nelson (19) vs Armstrong (12) – Team Armstrong was hooped, Nelson fetches win

D. Gelardi (18) vs Campbell (13) – Mom tries her best but team can’t over come game 4.


** This week featuring a haiku for each matchup from an anonymous casual observer **


Team Armstrong is looking bounce back after a tough loss in Week 2 to Team Nelson that saw them win 3/4 of their individual totals but still falling short of taking the grand total. No one will be looking to bounce back more than Tim Hooper (636) who was unable to find his groove all night, being swept by Lisa Fetch (880). Team Lourenco also took 3/4 of their individual totals however, they had much more success against Team Cook that saw all four players over the 900-mark, the first team to do that this season. Most notable would be James Jubinville (925) and Alycia Mann (937) who combined for nine points off a strong duo of Zach Friesen (850) and Derek Sabourin (735).

Key Matchup

After back-to-back 1000+ weeks, Karen Armstrong (1029) is an early force to be reckoned with. She will be a good test for Alycia Mann at the third position, both hoping to keep their momentum from last week. Team Lourenco will look to their top half to give them a little extra cushion in this match, as Team Armstrong has one of the stronger 3-4 duos in the league with Karen and Randy Morrissette (979)

Words from a Casual Observer

Tim will bowl better

There’s no way he can decline

Did I jinx it?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #2 – RODYCH vs. CAMPBELL

Team Rodych actually bowled even better than Team Fleming last week but scraped together only half as many points, running into the brick wall that was Team Youzwa. Amanda Devenney (1005) had a great night but only managed a single point as it looks like she coached Colton Youzwa (1033) a little too well. Even more heart breaking is seeing a breakout week by Derek Sanderson (881) averaging nearly 40 pins over average just to be swept up by hurricane Jennifer Duncan (1068) at the leadoff position. Team Campbell had victory within their grasps last week but let a late game four surge by Team D. Gelardi steal away grand total and the win. It doesn’t help when the bottom three shoot 812 the last game and still can’t grab a single point. Tabatha Gelardi (877) will come into this match as the only player to have won their total last week as she worked over Chris Jeffers (791) at leadoff.

Key Matchup

This is going to be a very fun match to watch as the top two on each team are very close and especially interesting to see two pro league teammates Alyssa Campbell and Jennifer Devenney go head to head. I full expect the winner of this battle to translate to a win for their team.

Words from a Casual Observer

Three anchors is cool

Wedding is around the bend

Matt could win himself

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell


Both these teams had an interesting Week 2, where for the most part their leadoffs were the highest totals while both anchors struggled. Team Hendrickson luckily was able to manage the win despite Chad Hurd (824) being beaten up by Sam Gelardi (1028) at anchor and the fact they did not actually win grand total. Leadoff Cyndie Barnett (945) came out firing and combined well with Robbie Hendrickson (878) to come out on the right side of several close matchups with Holly Chaikowski (892) and Corey Chaikowski (859), taking eight points. Team Stevenson was not as lucky. The team was led by spare Mitch Dubell (962) and Jayson May (941) both with solid performances. Jayson even snuck out his total by 1-pin thanks to a 279-257 win over Craig Enns (940) in the last game. The real Achilles heel for them in Week 2 was at anchor where Michael Linsenmeier (787) took a beating from Glen Howarth (1022).

Key Matchup

Team Hendrickson needs to step it up a gear this week, no one has really grabbed the reigns of this team, Cyndie is the only player on the team thus far to break 900. With how solid the top three for Team Stevenson have looked, Team Hendrickson needs one if not two people in their bottom three to have a breakout week tonight of at least 950.

Words from a Casual Observer

A lot of big dudes

Linsenmeier bounces back

Can Hendrickson hold?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Match #4 – LAMONICA vs. YOUZWA

Both these teams are coming in from very similar nights, both shooting nearly 3800 last week and taking at least 20 points. Hopefully Mike has insurance on the lanes cause leadoff Jennifer Duncan (1068) lit them up last week, with a low game of 258 on the night. This paired very well with captain Colton Youzwa (1033), and also helped to cover up the slightly off night by Jesse Gagnon (783) who just could not handle Jennifer Devenney (842) at the second position. Team LaMonica got a much-needed bounce back week from their top two Jeff Bradshaw (939) and Jayden Nickerson (1027). Jayden made the night easy on himself as he started with a 602 double and just coasted through the night from there.

Key Matchup

Team Youzwa will have their entire lineup flipped around after last week, as Colton will move back to anchor and Jenn takes over the second position making for some interesting matchups. This will be a big battle of momentum. Most players in this match are either coming off good or bad weeks, and it’ll be a test to see if the hot can stay hot and if the cold can warm themselves up. Keep your eye on the top two positions, Jeff & Jayden versus Jesse & Jennifer respectively, this is where this night will be won or loss.

Words from a Casual Observer

“Let’s go” Colton cries

“Shut up” Turanski replies

Just fight already

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #5 – COOK vs. S. GELARDI

After a hot start Team Cook was humbled in Week 2 with a big loss to Team Lourenco. Trevor Cook (1014) continued his good bowling, but the top three of Zach Friesen (850), Char McIvor (870) and Derek Sabourin (735) could only scrape together a combined three points. The top three for Team S. Gelardi did not fare much better as they only managed four points while facing Team Hendrickson. Anchor Sam Gelardi (1028) did his best to put the team on his shoulders, and was even able to help them secure grand total, but all those single game points just added up to too much. That being said, both of these teams are very high potential scorers but potentially with some early season rust, this could either be a shootout or a grind.

Key Matchup

The anchor battle is pretty even, so the next best place to look in this match is the thirds. After an abysmal Week 2 Derek hangs onto the third position for Team Cook by a thread. This will make for a fun matchup as his opponent, Micheal Young (871), is a close friend and I am sure some bragging rights will be up for grabs in this one.

Words from a Casual Observer

Trevor cannot lose

Gelardi gives wedding gift

Cook by twenty nine

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #6 – KING vs. FLEMING

Team Fleming pulled off a small upset last week handing Team Naugler a much-deserved loss. A big portion of their win can be attributed to the middle two positions, which saw spare Willy Starr (979) and Brooke Goulet (979) pop off for eight points and a combined 464-pin victory over Jordan Nickerson (786) and Jeston Bartram (708). Team King had a strong Week 2 in the top two positions with both Garry Bell (903) and Chris Dewar (924) breaking the 900-mark, but ultimately they were dragged down by the bottom half unable to break the same mark. Dewar will now test his luck against one of the leagues new captains Chloe Fleming, in hopes that he maybe gets less than 1000 thrown at him for the first time this season.

Key Matchup

Team Fleming will need to look to their top half over Mark Prystupa (665) and Gillian LaMonica to keep things close with Tabby and Jennifer Devenney (842). They have a very close and tough matchup in the bottom half so a strong performance from either Mark or Gillian could help push them over to grab grand total.

Words from a Casual Observer

Dewar has a chance

Team Fleming needs a leader

Novak shows at 6

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #7 – D. GELARDI vs. NAUGLER

Team D. Gelardi did what Dwayne Gelardi’s (1038) teams typically do, steal a win with a big finish. Their bottom three combined for 931 in the last game to clutch grand total on what had otherwise been a slower night for them. The biggest comeback was Jesse Leyte (891) who improved 201 pins from his first game to his last, starting with 136 and ending with 337. Team Naugler after a hot start Week 1, plunged themselves into an ice bath Week 2. I am not even sure if Adam Williamson (673) should be congratulated for his 4-point night over Mark Prystupa (665), but a win is a win regardless. With Kevin out of commission for a while, Jeston Bartram (708) will really need to take charge and fill in the absent spot on the team.

Key Matchup

As of right now bottom half of Team Naugler is desperately looking for some traction and stability and I don’t think Dwayne Gelardi or Jesse Leyte plan on letting them slowly warm themselves up into it. Both Jeston Bartram and Craig Klassen, sparing for Kevin, will need to come out of the gates firing if they hope to keep their team in it against one of the higher scoring teams in the league.

Words from a Casual Observer

Could be a tough one

If Naugler repeats last week

Should lose points somehow

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #8 – HOWARTH vs. NELSON

Both these teams are coming off close wins that saw only one player actually win their total despite both teams winning grand total. For Team Nelson that lone player was Lisa Fetch (880) who just put her foot on the throat of a floundering Tim Hooper (636). Cindy Cousins (978) continued her strong bowling to start the season and just ran into an even hotter Karen Armstrong (1029) who was able to steal away total in the last game. Captain Glen Howarth (1022) took charge of his team and dragged them across the finish line, also taking advantage of a poor showing by his opponent, giving him a 285-pin victory. Much like Cindy, Craig Enns (940) put up a lot of good scores and simply was outgunned in the second position by Jayson May (941).

Key Matchup

For his great bowling last week, Craig Enns has been promoted to the third position where he will faceoff with Tyson Nelson (892) who has looked like roadkill to start this season and as such has dropped down to the third position. The bottom two matchup will be a big factor in who walks away with this match. With four current/previous captains all going head-to-head there is a lot of big game potential, it all depends who can find their groove tonight.

Words from a Casual Observer

Tyson versus Glen

A match I would pay to see

Thanks a lot Cindy

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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