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Friday Night All-Stars Week 3

Trevor (10-6-0) : Tyson (9-7-0)


Match #1 – NELSON vs RODYCH

Team Rodych had a rollercoaster of a night last week either shooting low 700 or high 900 totals. Unfortunately, those two low 700s came back to bite them in the ass as they lost grand total by 82 pins to Team Cook. On a night where low scores heavily outnumbered high scores Gillian LaMonica (697) had the misfortune to take over the low game title from Robbie Hendrickson after her 118 game three, but despite that still managed 2 points and nearly made the comeback on Amanda Devenney (724). There is also no rest for the wicked as Brandon Mansell (968) is being put through the gauntlet to start this season being the only player to face a 250+ average opponent each of the first three weeks. This week facing Tyson Nelson (1003). Team Nelson comes in as one of the three remaining undefeated teams. The team is riding the high that is coming from Ray Bartel (1035), who took the 3-2 win over Scott Barbour (931) and is one of only six players who has been over average in both Weeks 1 & 2. As such he has gained a promotion to third in the lineup and will get to face off with Matt Rodych (892)

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

Match #2 – STEVENSON vs. LEYTE

Team Stevenson’s scoresheet looked like a delicious sandwich made with some shit bread as the Michael duo swept all 10 points and respectfully averaged over 230 each, Linsenmeier (934) and Young (976). The breading came in the form of a 644 from Alley Boucier and a 799 from Dylan Stevenson. Luckily for Dylan that total was good enough for 4.5 points apparently, as his opponent Colton Youzwa (723) had an even less than stellar night. His fellow captain in this match was the only other person last week to also take 4.5 points and that’s Jesse Leyte (959) who took his with just a touch more authority over Jayden Nickerson (887). After their slow start in Week 1, last week was a much-needed bounce back, taking the second most points of any team. I expect we should see a good match at the second position as the two players with the most points this season faceoff Linda Orne (843) and Linsenmeier, both boasting 9/10 points so far this season.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte

Match #3 – MAY vs. MEURRENS

Team May pulled off the usually quite rare winning night even with no totals over average. All four totals and grand total were up for grabs in game four with Team May taking the win 788-786. Kyle Young (844) took a nose dive after a 282 start, and following it up with a 562-triple, making him one of eight 230+ bowlers with sub-600 triples, and only narrowly missing his win against Glen Howarth (855) after a 192-220 loss in game four. Similarly, Jayson May (896) let the win fall through his hands after a 196-218 loss to Craig Enns (916). Team Meurrens was the second-best team on the night and they did it by just throwing fairly average. Captain Jessica Meurrens (1017) had one of the best performances of the night and definitely the most consistent with all games between 243-265, and has now taken down back-to-back high averaging anchors. Jesse Gagnon (860) had a good thing going only taking two games to get his first 300 this season, however it also only took four games to get his first sub-140 game. He may still be light headed after such a quick drop, but not even the biggest gap from high to law game we saw on the night.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Match #4 – YOUZWA vs. LAMONICA

Speaking of sudden drops Colton Youzwa, (723) after his high scoring Week 1, just fell out of an airplane with no parachute, landed in a cactus field and was subsequently ran over very slowly and painfully by Dylan Stevenson (799). He now holds the largest gap between season high/low game and high/low total after his 139 in game one. As much as this whole section could be about roasting Colton, his teammates decided to jump in the fire with him, as the bottom three combined for only two games over 200. Tim Hooper (686) rolled over for Michael Linsenmeier (934) and gifted him 5 points to start the season. The entire team had six games over 200… and four of them were Tracy Jubinville (869) who the rest of the team should be thanking on hands and knees for all five of their points and keeping them from taking a big zero. Team LaMonica didn’t fill out their sheets fully but from what I can see they weren’t great but they weren’t Team Youzwa level bad so they get off the hook this week.

Over/Under: Players Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #5 – S. GELARDI vs. D. GELARDI

The battle of the brothers is once again a thing. Both these two teams are going to be hungry for a win, after each suffering a loss despite being the 3rd and 4th highest scoring teams of the week, with unfortunate matchups against the 1st and 2nd. Both teams had fairly average nights but the dagger in each of them was the sub-800s in their lineups. Kelly Smith (763) had a night she would rather forget, on what will hopefully be the only night this season we see her shoot three sub-200 games, it ended in a thrashing from Janna Van Walleghem (928) who left Kelly with just a single point on the night. This was nearly offset by Kevin Slippert (969) coming in as a clutch spare, taking 4 points off Jesse Gagnon (860). Their opponent did not have such luck with spares as they picked up Aaron Hum-not-so-Menny (741) strikes, as he struggled early to find a rhythm, though managed to save himself from being swept by Erik Stewart (844) with a 239-224 win in game four. Again, this was partially balanced out when you considered the strong debut by Roland Flaig (1006) who to cap it off nearly swept Geoff Born (858), taking 4 points on the night.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Going back to astronomical levels of up and down scoring Team Costello crossed off several boxes last week. Their captain Kyle Costello (937) set the season high gap between low and high game in a night at 202 pins starting with a 366, and tucking a nice 164 in in game three. However, that 164 looks like gold when you compare it to the scores that came from the third position. Matt Turanski and Mark Goldsworthy combined for a 395-triple to start the night, the reason for the swap after game two is unknown to me but after a 259-double any change was likely a welcome change. Despite having that 630 total sandwiched in their lineup the team as a whole had a good night, with the best Knight coming from Russel (991) who will be promoted to anchor this week for all his effort. His opponent will be another grizzled veteran Kevin Boyko (876) who cooled off a little after his hot Week 1, but avoided the sweep with a late 258-183 win over Belle Lourenco (931). The team as a whole struggled to get anything going. The lone silver lining on Holly Chaikowski’s (630) night was she now holds the lowest winning score this season beating Quinton Crockett (958) 163-161 in game two, and she will likely not want to remember the games are that.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Team Lourenco has probably had the slowest start of all the 2-0 teams with their saving grace both weeks being the star rookie Quinton Crockett (958). Last week was no exception as he basically was either 260 or 160, and thankfully for his team there was only one of those 160s. Q started the season 28 pins back of second, and now only sits 4 pins back of third and will take over second for the struggling Kevin Naugler (838). James Jubinville (831) must have been a Subway worker at some point with the way he perfectly sandwiched a 135 game between two very nice 240+ games, but luckily with the last of those games pulling off the comeback for him to take the 3-2 win over Karen Armstrong (791). They say the sign of a good marriage is when the couple starts bowling like each other, Dave (666) and Jennifer Duncan (688) really put that to the test when they nearly matched 130 games in game three (137, 138). The team will try to put that night behind them, with the exception of Marc Steeves (989) who was more than half his team’s points, taking advantage of a slower night from Wayne King (871).

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #8 – COOK vs. HOWARTH

I am not sure if it’s something they are doing to their opponents or just sheer coincidence but Team Howarth has only faced one opponent who threw over average, and even that was only by 7 pins. Much to their dismay they have also not had a hot start and two great early season opportunities have slipped through their fingers. Last week was a close one against Team May, only losing grand total 3319 – 3348, and despite only losing the last two games by a combined 30 pins, they only managed three points in those two. The one positive takeaway is that Craig Enns (916) is one of the six people in the league who has been over average both weeks. Team Cook has one of the other six in Corey Chaikowski (905) who also pulled off the season’s first loss despite winning total, in his matchup with Matt Rodych (892), thanks to an early 238-155 win. Char Hurd (864) was in a back and forth battle all night with Cindy Cousins (871), ending with a 242-246 loss that could have seen either take total.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over Average on Team Cook (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

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