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Friday Night All-Stars Week 4

Trevor (9-15-0) : Tyson (9-15-0)

Week 3 Recap by Casual Observer

Lourenco (16) vs Armstrong (15) - Hooper bounces back, team loses out of spite

Rodych (18) vs Campbell (13) - Team Campbell ladies go twinsies but Rodych ruins it

Stevenson (22) vs Hendrickson (9) - 9 points flattering for Team Hendrickson, Stevenson shellacks

Youzwa (17) vs Lamonica (14) - Team Youzwa wins despite valiant effort from Lamonica

S.Gelardi (22.5) vs Cook (8.5) - Sam sets the tone as Team S.Gelardi dominates back 3

King (21) vs Fleming (10) - Team King dominates bottom line, leaves a few points behind

D.Gelardi (27) vs Naugler (4) - Team D.Gelardi rides an 1195 at anchor to huge win

Howarth (17) vs Nelson (14) - Big last game secures Howarth win, Tyson back to anchor… not


** This week featuring some hard truths from an anonymous casual observer **

Match #1 – KING vs. D. GELARDI

Team D. Gelardi continues to have a dominant start being one of only two teams who remain undefeated coming into Week 4. A big part of this stems from the hot start of Dwayne Gelardi (1195) who continues to roll through opponents week after week, Craig Klassen (972) being his victim in Week 3. His team followed suit last week putting up a league high 27 points, with Jesse Leyte (946) seeming to find his stride, nearly sweeping Jeston Bartram (855). Team King is also coming in off a win, though it appeared to be less dominating and more about seizing the opportunity against a struggling opponent, as not often a sub-3300 total will get you 21 points. Chris Dewar (887) despite starting with a rough 352 double, finished with a 535 double to be the sole member of his team over average.

Key Matchup

Given the success Team D. Gelardi has seen at anchor, that will need to be the focus for Team King, specifically their captain Wayne King (856). Even if Wayne can keep things close, within 100 pins of Dwayne it should give his team a strong chance at the victory. That also puts a little extra pressure on Anthony Novak (767) to snap out of his funk, as he should be a dominant player in the leadoff position.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Unfortunately for Team King this league is not a drinking competition. Might still lose that, to be honest.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Both teams have had slow starts, and trouble finding much in the way of wins so far. Team Hendrickson showed promise last week with both Brett Hendrickson (916) and Chad Hurd (936) eclipsing the 900-mark for the first time this season. Unfortunately, matched up against a big night by Dylan Stevenson (1132) and with their top half struggling to pick up wins, 9 points was all they could pickup. Team Nelson only faired marginally better, taking 14 points of Team Howarth, getting shutout in the last game to lose grand total. Cindy Cousins (870) cooled off slightly from her hot start, but at least had a couple better games from Tyson Nelson (967) to help balance it out, but they were simply out-bowled by Craig Enns (891) and Glen Howarth (941).

Key Matchup

This will be another match very centered around the captains, who both sit in the third positions currently. Tyson and Brett have both had slow starts to the season and maybe it will take a good head-to-head matchup to spark a fire in either one of them or maybe even both. If both evenly match each other the deciding factor will likely come down to Robbie Hendrickson (778) who is always a threat to break off a big night.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Team Hendrickson is like a box of chocolates but all the good ones are gone. Team Nelson is like when your boss gives you a Christmas “bonus” but it’s Toffifee.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Team LaMonica is coming off a historic night that saw them split all four games against Team Youzwa 3-3, and even share the perfect game pot. Andrew LaMonica (1125) really took charge of his team, and was really well supported up top by both Jeff Bradshaw (896) and Jayden Nickerson (945). Team LaMonica’s only weak spot was at anchor, where they saw a flash of the old Matt Turanski (824) with a 311 in game one, but it was short lived as he failed to shoot anything over 185 after that. Team Campbell will look to take advantage of this after a tough loss in Week 3 to a hot Team Rodych. Overall it was a pretty average night for them score-wise, unfortunately for Jessica Meurrens (887), Matt Rodych (1029) just happened to drop down into the third position in time to face her, a tough matchup to have while still getting back into the swing of things.

Key Matchup

Team LaMonica has quite the lineup shakeup after Week 3, with Matt dropping to second and both Jayden and Andrew pushing up. This will put extra emphasis on the seconds, Alyssa Campbell (887) and Matt Turanski, who have each had slow starts. Both bowlers are anchor level competitors so I expect both to break out of their slumps and get over that 900-mark for the first time this season.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Both teams have players that are capable of averaging 240 but… aren’t

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Match #4 – STEVENSON vs. COOK

In Week 3, Team Stevenson picked up their first win of the season in dominant fashion over Team Hendrickson. Captain Dylan Stevenson (1132) had a big 372 in game one and gave his team a big boost for total with his 196-pin win over opposing anchor, Chad Hurd (936). Team Cook has now had back-to-back single digit weeks after being put through the grinder by Team S. Gelardi. Team Cook’s struggles seem to correlate with Derek Sabourin (716) forgetting how to bowl during that same timeframe, averaging 181, a terrifying 59 points below draft average. The lone upside for their team was Zach Friesen (875) took four points off Holly Chaikowski (861), with every game being decided by 9 pins or less.

Key Matchup

The top half matchups in this one are certainly interesting. I am fairly confident that neither Erik Stewart (839) nor Char McIvor (762) were expecting to be going against two of top 10 averages from the draft. Erik will be facing Derek at leadoff, this matchup will be heavily dependent on which Derek shows up. The same could be said for Michael Linsenmeier facing Char in the second position. If either Michael or Derek can shoot close to their draft average, I think they can turn the tide for their team.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Trevor is the best bowler in the province and will end the week undefeated as a married man

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #5 – YOUZWA vs. FLEMING

Team Youzwa was the winning half of a history making night with them splitting all four games against Team LaMonica 3-3, including a shared perfect game pot. They also become the second team this season to all shoot over 900. Jennifer Duncan (934) continues to prove herself as a great pick, now averaging 250 over her last two weeks but even at that fell just short of the win this week as she let Jayden Nickerson (945) slide by her in game four 227-203 to steal the win. Team Fleming was all over the map in a very winnable match against a not so hot shooting Team King, with more games under 200 than over. A small silver lining was Brooke Goulet (885) making her debut at anchor, a position she was most likely not expecting to be in this year, and getting the win over Wayne King (856).

Key Matchup

The bottom half of Team Fleming will have very little room for error this week as they face two of the highest averages coming into the draft this year in the form of Marc Steves (972) and Colton Youzwa (1083). I will say both Brooke and Chloe Fleming (869) need to be over 900 for their team to have a chance to make double digit points, and at least one over 1000 if they want a shot at winning.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

If it ends up 31-0 I wouldn’t be shocked

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team S. Gelardi had a great showing last week putting up the second most points by any team on the night with 22.5. They may have gotten a couple favourable matchups in the middle positions with Corey Chaikowski (859) taking four points off an off night from Char McIvor (762) and Michael Young (822) not bowling fantastic but still beating up on the empty shell of what was Derek Sabourin (716). Sam Gelardi (1165) needed no such luck as he took control of Kyle Young (942) for the night, even coming in clutch with a couple 3-point wins. Tim Hooper (904) pulled the uno reverse card on his team this week being the only one to win his total, having beaten his week two total somewhere in the middle of game three last week.

Key Matchup

With Linda Orne (815) holding down the fort as the only member not at the Bomber game, she might need to throw out a hail mary in their search for spares. I think the key area for Team S. Gelardi’s success will be through Michael Young. Michael had an off week and based on how he was previously bowling and if he can get back on track, him and Sam will be a lot of firepower for Team Armstrong’s spares to handle.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Overheard Sam saying Randy is washed up, for sure not making that up

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Team Lourenco comes in as the second of two unbeaten teams after inching out a 16-15 win over Team Armstrong. Not only their team remains undefeated but so too are Jon Linley, Alycia Mann (918) and Belle Lourenco (928) having not taken less than 3 points yet this season. Alycia is proving herself to be quite the force at third, knocking off Karen Amrstrong (900) 4-1 even with less than a 20-pin difference in their totals. Team Howarth pulled out a clutch win with a late game four sweep of Team Nelson. Glen Howarth (941) led the charge taking four points of Cindy Cousins (870) including both a two and three pin win. The other boost to their team is the slowly increasing scores of Ray Bartel (875) who continues to knock more and more rust off each week, capitalizing on a rough finish by Lisa Fetch (837) to snag total.

Key Matchup

I think the leadoff matchup could be a big one for this match. We have Mike Devenney (822) facing off against James Jubinville (726). Mike has been fairly consistently throwing up totals in the mid-800s, which is never a bad thig coming from your leadoff. His oppeent James has been the complete opposite of that either shooting low 700s or low 900s, and given there have been more of the latter I am going to say Mike has a distinct advantage.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

Team Howarth wins matches because opponents can’t stand the smell of Rub A535

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #8 – NAUGLER vs. RODYCH

Team Rodych has really seemed to find their groove, smoking what was considered one of the stronger teams coming out of the draft, Team Campbell. Captain Matt Rodych (1029) went off in game two nearly doubling his opponent in a 343-178 slaughter of Jessica Muerrens (887), and even capped off the night with a nice 1-pin win. Though if he doesn’t watch out, we might have to start calling it Team Sanderson if Derek Sanderson (971) keeps throwing up numbers like those. Derek has been a top-3 leadoff over the last two weeks, and shows no signs of slowing down. Team Naugler on the other hand slowed down like a car hitting a train, taking a whopping four points. Both Adam Williamson (775) and Jordan Nickerson (759) improved on last week but still haven’t been able to find any stability.

Key Matchup

Jeston Bartram (855) versus Amanda Devenney will be a great match to watch, another coach versus student matchup for Amanda. For her sake hopefully she coached this one just a little less. To me this is the closest matchup. The rest of Team Naugler needs to find a little more consistency before they are considered a threat again, and the revolving door of anchor spares is tough on any team.

Hard Truths from a Casual Observer

See “Youzwa vs Fleming”

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

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