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Friday Night All-Stars Week 4

Trevor (15-9-0) : Tyson (13-11-0)



Team Steeves turned into Marc’s Angels as he picked up Lisa Fetch (803) and Sandi Anderson (700) to fill in the middle of his lineup. Despite losing her total by 68 pins Lisa managed a winning night over Quinton Crockett (871), taking both the first two games by less than 10 pins. In kind of the opposite fashion Marc Steeves (928) lost both his first two games by small margins but made a game four push that saw him take total and the win away from Belle Lourenco (899). Team Costello had a slightly better night and managed to pick up a win despite being desperate enough to have Derek Sabourin (856) spare. The scores weren’t particularly high in this one but they were high enough to win 3/4 individual and team totals. Garry Bell (737) after his hot Week 2 cooled off in Week 3, but even with the 200-pin drop he swept all his points from Holly Chaikowski (661) and sets the mark to beat for lowest pinfall in a sweep this season.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello

Match #2 – COOK vs. MEURRENS (Ghost Writer)

Both teams coming off 20-point weeks in different ways. Everything started with Amanda as she got the sweep very comfortably with her bowling a (933) char became another victim of bowling under 800 with 14 others joining her. Cory unfortunately only took 1 point by losing a tight match to Craig. 953 to 978 but helped in the total as team cook took 3 out of 4 games. Cook roasted glen all night by winning 140 pins. Meurrens got a boost last week, Jessica got to reunite with Masters teammate Brooke for the first time this season. Brooke came out swinging with a 351 in her first game back of the year l. Jessica decide to throw a 300 game in game 2. Spare Aaron decided to Throw one in game 4. By the end of the night, they took team high set with a 3842. Chad Hurd better be ready for Amanda tonight and not in golfing mode especially taking last week off. The 3 and 4 spot will also determine the night. Can Brooke keep the momentum going for her team or will Cook keep doing things. Most interesting part is Meurrens will have a full team for the first time this season.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #3 – LAMONICA vs. LEYTE (Ghost Writer)

For Lamonica averaging 845 as a team, walking away 20 points is something to be happy about. The one and two hole of Derek and Dewer lead the way for the team both taking 4 points. Jennifer struggled with a (812), but very fortunate that the positive is taking 2 points against her matchup against Ethan. Alyssa (867) spared for Lamonica and it was a challenge taking a goose egg for points against Colton who decided to use Tyson’s words as motivation. Team Leyte was yet another team that took more than 20 points for the night. Yes, they took 20.5 but 6 out of the 16 games were decided by 10 pins against Team Stevenson. Which shows how clutch Team Leyte can be when the matches were close the half point comes from Linda’s total at 905 tying the night with Michael L but taking 3.5 points. Game 4 was big as everything came down to the 10th frame, in both Linda’s matchup but also for the grand total which was a 53-pin margin. This will be an interesting match up this week as for Team Lamonica, Jennifer does have a spare and Lamonica’s status is unknown after missing the previous two weeks. So, half of the team is spares which could mean liquid courage for Derek and Dewer to rally the victory. For Team Leyte it’s keeping that momentum going with tons of experience I expect this to be a close match and a fun night for both teams.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte

Match #4 – D. GELARDI vs. MAY

This may be a noteworthy match for the sheer fact of getting to see Dwayne Gelardi (795) make his debut in the second position playing former teammate Calvin Cline. He joins Geoff Born as the second bowler who started the year over 250 to make his appearance in the two-hole. Dwayne is currently on a three-game sub 200 streak as he finished last week with a 569-triple, and after being swept by his little brother, Calvin could very likely turn into his punching bag tonight. Roland (962) continues to be the foundation of this team both In average and winning as he continues to roll over his opponents, last week making short work of Andrea Alaka. Team May has had a disappointing start to their season for sure, and last week was more of the same. Their lack luster bowling against a red-hot Team Meurrens, did not fair well, 9 points. No one on the team has finished over their draft average yet this season, Calvin (894) last week was the closest being just two pins shy. Kyle Young (887) is coming off a phenomenal 1400 night at Dakota this week, and he needs to bring that energy tonight to kickstart the bottom of this lineup.

Over/Under: Players Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #5 – YOUZWA vs. ARMSTRONG (Ghost Writer)

Youzwa getting some confidence back in him as he gets ready for the Autumn Open. Shoots (999) and taking all his points off Alyssa, which makes me think maybe Colton likes it when Tyson talks about him. The only thing is it looks like the ugly bowling got to his teammate and he knows his name is coming up Tim was not hooping it up on the lanes. Not only didn’t get 800 but also couldn’t crack the 700 as he shot a 647. The positive is he didn’t shoot lower than Derek’s 112. For Armstrong it was a rough night for the team only scoring 7.5 points. The anchor of Kevin Boyko saved them by getting 3 of those points with a 902. It will be interesting for one match up as it will be the battle of the 600s as Holly also bowled a 661. So, both of these teams are looking for bounce back weeks and hopefully to get back on the winning side. I would watch the lead off position and see how those two respond after the 600s. Also watch anchors to see if they can keep the momentum going and try and lead to their team for victory Any one want to take odds there will be a 600???.

Over/Under: Bowlers over under 750 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #6 – RODYCH vs. S. GELARDI

Despite a premature handshake regarding his success to start the Kingpin tournament, Sam Gelardi (1074) had one of the best weeks we have seen from anyone yet this season. The cherry on top was of course sweeping brother Dwayne Gelardi (795), a brother on brother beating that has not been seen since Cain and Abel. Ralph Gelardi (874) had a great start to the night with a 538-double, but had all the wheels fall off in the last two has he barely squeaked out a 336-double to finish. Another big lineup shift comes for them as Kelly Smith (812) makes her leadoff debut. Similar to the situation in Dwayne’s lineup, Kelly joins the exclusive list of 230+ draft bowlers, to have made a leadoff appearance, the only other being Kevin of Team Lourenco. For Team Rodych Brandon Mansell (985) has not had good luck in his matchups despite having the second highest average to start the season, his 250-average has been good for just 6 points so far this season. Even Matt Rodych (805) managed twice the points last week, despite starting with a 360-double, still a full game shy of being able to make the Kingpin cut line.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Match #7 – HOWARTH vs. NELSON (Ghost Writer)

Team Nelson remains undefeated after a 26-point night. It started with the Geoff getting the boot to 2nd which he took personal and bowled a (1102) the low man was Ray with a (788) and was still able to take 3 points this team is looking really dangerous as they are in first place to start the season and see if they can keep the hot streak going and end September still at the top. For team Howarth it’s the opposite direction as they are fighting to not be at the bottom of the totem pole. Last week Howarth managed to get 11 points, Mark was the other victim of the 600-club. Mike and Craig put the team on their back as they got 8 of the 11 points. It’s going to need to be a team effort for Howarth as the average difference is 120 pins a game. The 3 and 4 will be important match ups as Glen and Craig are going up against the son of Geoff and no follow through Tyson. This will be a tough battle but in sports anything can happen, but for Team Nelson this is a match to win however like in sports people love the underdog story, will it happen tonight?

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Team Lourenco is now in a battle with Team Nelson as to who will remain the last undefeated team standing. Despite being 3-0 to start, Week 3 was the first time we have got a glimpse of what makes Team Lourenco dangerous. Kevin Naugler (1010) pulled off one of the best leadoff performances we have seen yet this season, though it was well defended by Jennifer Duncan (858) who kept him to only 3 points. At third, James Jubinville (920) pulled off a landslide sweep of Sandi Anderson (700) by simply bowling average every single game, with his last three games all being 230s. Team Stevenson saw their own unbeaten streak snapped last week by Team Leyte. They had an incredibly tight match throughout the night, three individual totals came down to less than one ball. The only one going really in their favour was Dylan Stevenson (940) beating Wayne King (930), with a game four 274-240. Michael Young (924) started the night looking like an a anchor with his 314, but finished the night looking more like Derek Sabourin with his 355-double, which also let Jesse Leyte (926) steal total by two pins.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 900 (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

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