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Friday Night All-Stars Week 5

Trevor (14-18-0) : Tyson (16-16-0)

Week 4 Recap by Casual Observer

D. Gelardi (22.5) vs King (8.5) – Novak and Jeffers tie, Garry gets bell rung

Hendrickson (18) vs Nelson (13) – Team Hendrickson gets win, now accepting trade offers for Brett

LaMonica (20) vs Campbell (11) – Team LaMonica owes Andrew massage for carrying team

Cook (23) vs Stevenson (8) - Team Cook sets season high, Derek remembers how to bowl

Youzwa (21) vs Fleming (10) – Team Youzwa sacrifices Colton to get win

S. Gelardi (21) vs Armstrong (10) – Linda proves teammates were holding her back, Team S. Gelardi just too good though

Lourenco (19) vs Howarth (12) – Ralph claims title as top Gelardi… Team Howarth too stunned to bowl

Rodych (20) vs Naugler (11) – Matt bowls big, Kelly bowls bigger


Match #1 – RODYCH vs. S. GELARDI

Team Rodych slipped out a close one last week, taking grand total by one point 3388 – 3387 over Team Naugler. Not too bad considering Matt Rodych (988) was swept by spare Kelly Smith (1084), and a game four comeback that featured no games over 200 for the winning team, 741 – 706. Amanda Devenney (829) had much better results this time against her student, taking 4/5 points despite a slower night on the lanes. Team S. Gelardi joins the list of teams to have all bowlers shoot over 900 in a night. Most notable would be Holly Chaikowski (905) and Micael Young (973) that saw them combine for nine points and a 270-pin difference between their opponents Shannon Pruden (836) and Andrea Alblas (772).

Key Matchup

With both anchors, and Amanda away at the Autumn Open spares will be a big part of this match. Of the bowlers present I think we keep our eyes on the seconds matchup between Corey and Jennifer Devenney. Both players can be big shooters but last week was the first time we have seen it from Corey this season and Jennifer is coming off a two-week break, so really difficult to say what we will see from these two. It would not surprise me to see this matchup go to a 3-2 split though.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Match #2 – NAUGLER vs. COOK

One of these teams is on fire, while the other is just a dumpster fire. Team Cook is coming off a season high total for the league of 3915 that saw them take 23 points off Team Stevenson. Two of the biggest factors in this were the continued lights out bowling of Trevor Cook (1187) sweeping Sandi Anderson (875) and the return of Derek Sabourin (950) who decided to stop reliving his YBC bantam days and come back to the adult league, taking four points from Erik Stewart (797) at leadoff. Team Naugler on the other hand has just 26 points in the last three weeks, averaging 203 as a team, and winless since losing their captain to injury following Week 1. Kelly Smith (1084) sparing at anchor was the only reason this team isn’t looking at back-to-back four-point weeks.

Key Matchup

With three more bowlers away at Calgary or out needing spares it leaves a lot of unknowns. Team Cook should really just keep doing what they are doing and they should be fine. This might be a rebuild week for Adam Williamson (765) and Jordan Nickerson (748) and if they can manage five points between them it would be some momentum in the right direction.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #3 – FLEMING vs. NELSON

Team Fleming’s 10 points was a fairly decent showing considering they were going up against one of the highest averaging teams in Team Youzwa. Gillian LaMonica (605) had a rough night and is going to be looking for a big bounce back tonight facing Lisa Fetch (884). The real silver lining was Brooke Goulet (1098) pumping out another win at anchor taking four points off Colton Youzwa (917) and building up some legitimate momentum for her team. Things will be interesting this week as she faces Tyson Nelson (1024) who seems to be slowly knocking off more and more rust each week. He posted a big four-point night on Brett Hendrickson (813) and moves himself back to anchor. Team Nelson has simply failed to have more than one person throw a good night on any given week and it was no different last week with only Tyson managing to grab total.

Key Matchup

After her hot start to the year, Cindy Cousins (759) has gone ice cold averaging 203, while her opponent, Chloe Fleming (847) has been slowly trending upwards after starting the season fairly flat. Both these women can throw some big scores when they get on a roll and I am pretty confident we will see at least one of them bounce back with a 900 and a little momentum boost for their team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


For a team so good on paper Team Campbell can’t seem to find the win column after their dominant start in Week 1, managing only 11 points on a rather average night from Team LaMonica. A big takeaway from the night though was Jessica Meurrens (908) taking the 100-pin win on Jayden Nickerson (808) who had been running hot up until this point, marking her first win of the season. The part that hurt Team Campbell was really the anchor matchup that saw Kyle Costello (905) lose 150 pins to Andrew LaMonica (1055) and give up four points. Team Armstrong which was really just Linda Orne (978) and three spares had a big night but really nothing to show for it as they lost grand total 3767 – 3734. Linda had a much-needed break through week, accented nicely by her win over Corey Chaikowski (940). A big part of why total was so close also came from Janna Van Walleghem (1148) taking the boot to Sam Gelardi (949).

Key Matchup

With Team Armstrong returning this week but Kyle and Alyssa Campbell (961) away at the Autumn Open half these matchups are unknowns. That being said, watch the leadoffs. Both Tabatha Gelardi (753) and Tim Hooper have been up and down to start this season so far so even a steady night from either of them could be a big boost to their team. If this matchup ends up with more than a 100-pin spread it should almost be a lock-in win for their team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell


Team D. Gelardi continues to be a freight train of points with no signs of stopping, taking 22.5 points off Team King. Calvin Cline (954) has now had back-to-back weeks over 920 and seems to have found his rhythm. Similarly, teammate Jesse Leyte (887) has now posted three straight over 880 which is a very promising sign after his slow start in Week 1. Team D. Gelardi sits 11 points up on second place in the league. Team Stevenson did not have a fun Week 4, struggling to take wins off a Team Cook that did not leave much room for error.

Key Matchup

The big game changer for this match will be at the second position. Michael Linsenmeier (796) was one of the hottest prospects coming into the draft and has been nothing short of flat to start the season averaging 202 and taking just two points thus far. Michael is long overdue for a bounce back week and I think he will need it going against Jesse who is always a threat if he can get in his groove. I will say if Michael cannot at least break 900 his team has no shot at winning.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #6 – YOUZWA vs. HOWARTH

Team Youzwa continues to roll, as they have been the second-best team since Week 1 with 59 points over that span. For the first time in those three weeks Colton Youzwa (917) had to get some extra help from his team as he took a 181-pin thrashing from Brooke Goulet (1098). Luckily, this was offset fairly easily with the 259-pin beat down Jennifer Duncan (864) laid on Gillian LaMonica (605). Team Howarth owes Ralph Gelardi (1049) big time after he starts with an 833 triple and took the team from what could have easily been a single digit points kind of night into a respectable 12-point loss. Glen Howarth (812) narrowly avoided a sweep with a couple of single digit wins off Belle Lourenco (937).

Key Matchup

Team Youzwa proved they could hold their own last week with a lack luster performance from Colton, so with a spare coming in for him I have to believe they will be in good shape. Watch the third position closely, Marc Steves (898) has shown several flashed of big game potential since coming back and I think the key for Team Howarth will be making sure Craig Enns keeps it close.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Hendrickson picked up a big win last week over Team Nelson, that saw most of their team really hit their groove. Cyndie Barnett (947) had a huge 160-pin win over Mark Goldsworthy (832) 294-132 in the last game to help really cement her team in to win grand total. Robbie Hendrickson (957) showed that just consistent good bowling is all you need to win sometimes having 12 pins between his low and high game and taking advantage of a game three blowout by Lisa Fetch (884) that saw her give up 81 pins to Robbie. Wayne King (1023) had a strong showing, just bad timing as it came against the current league high average Dwayne Gelardi (1075), but aside from the first game, the two shot pretty much even the back three. Even closer was the leadoff matchup that saw Chris Jeffers (822) tie Anthony Novak (822) with a game four 223 – 201 win.

Key Matchup

Brett Hendrickson (813) starting the season at anchor and sinking his way to leadoff now should make for an interesting matchup against Anthony Novak who is also a former anchor. We could very well see our first 1000 – 1000 matchup at leadoff if both get in their groove.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team King


Team Lourenco remains one of two teams undefeated, and really lives and dies by the low to mid 900 scores. James Jubinville (910) has been on a roller coaster start to his season with low 700 followed by low 900. The 910 was more than enough to handle Mike Devenney (811) a nice added boost to his team. Belle Lourenco (937) has been the epitome of consistent this season with 12 pins separating her high and low weeks, making her one of the more successful anchors this season. Team LaMonica much like James seems to go up and down each week as they sit 2-2 so far. Andrew LaMonica (1055) has been one of the strongest anchors this season and him being away at Calgary will be a big hole for his team to fill. Jayden Nickerson (808) will need to bounce back after hitting a hard stop in Week 4, against Jessica Meurrens (908).

Key Matchup

The top half of these lineups could be the make or break for this match. James will need to break his up and down cycle and Jon has been away for a couple weeks his consistency may come into question. This could be a real good chance for Matt Turanski (894) to makeup some ground for his team if he can get closer to his draft average.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

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