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Friday Night All-Stars Week 5

Trevor (19-13-0) : Tyson (17-15-0)



Both teams coming off Week 4 losses and currently sit at 2-2 on the season. Team S. Gelardi either dominated their opponents or got wrecked. Sam Gelardi (1153) and Kevin Grabowski (820) were on the positive side as they took all 10 points, and Sam taking a one pin lead for high total this season, topping Colton’s previous 1152. On the other side Kelly Smith (855) and Ralph Gelardi (727) faced a tough night with their opponents Cindy Cousins (959) and Matt Rodych (1046) throwing big games and nothing under 220, where as Kelly and Ralph were only able to even break 220 once. Team Stevenson would have killed for some 220s… even 200s… as 10 out of 16 games were under 200. The lone win came from Alley Bourcier (695) who took advantage of a slow start by Q Crockett (743) taking the first two games by a combined 14 pins. With his captain not there last week, Michael Young (773) decided he had enough of being anchor and got himself relegated back down to third, but with last weeks scores that could turn into second very quickly.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #2 – D. GELARDI vs. LOURENCO

Team Lourenco continues to hang onto their undefeated title as we enter Week 5, and with Team D. Gelardi being most teams expected toughest week coming into the season, this may be the best week to face them as captain Dwayne Gelardi is away at the Autumn Open. Team Lourenco also has no one playing in a position they have yet this season. As Q Crockett (743) despite shooting 100 pins less than James Jubinville (840) leap frogs him and takes over the second position. Also, deservedly Kevin Naugler (1006) takes over at anchor after giving Darren Maxwell (846) the business last week. Along the same lines Dwayne Gelardi (1017) also earned himself a promotion back to the third position on his team after steamrolling former teammate Calvin Cline (822). The only other win on the night came from Robbie Hendrickson (841) who managed a game four comeback on Jeff Fraser (830) with his 216-182 win to get his point and total. Despite this Team D. Gelardi took a loss making them one of three teams currently riding a three-week losing streak.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #3 – ARMSTRONG vs. COOK

Team Armstrong pulled out a big win last week taking down Team Youzwa, bringing them to 2-2 on the season. The awkward part is both winning weeks were weeks missed by captain Karen Armstrong, this will be the week to flip that narrative hopefully. Week 4 saw Holly Chaikowski (790) snap her cold streak getting her first win of the season after a back-and-forth battle with Dwight Hurd (739). Team Armstrong also made a great choice in spares with Ryan Lake (1014) and Alyssa Campbell (977), Ryan buried Ethan Buckman (799) by 200+ pins and Alyssa got smacked around by Colton for the second straight week. Team Cook was not well-done last week as they faced a tough matchup in Team Meurrens. With nothing flashy for scores Amanda’s 872 for 4-points was probably the most positive takeaway from their night. After a fairly consistent start to the season Corey Chaikowski (793) slipped and fell last week and had Jessica Meurrens (1118) curb stomp him while he was down, taking a 327-pin beating. After going down one point each week to start the season Corey can be expect to finish with -1 point tonight.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #4 – LEYTE vs. RODYCH

Both these teams coming in having won last week, while Team Leyte is now one of four teams currently on three-week winning streaks. Team Leyte barely scraped out the win last week over Chris Dewar as they won 17-14, with grand total going to them 3367-3350, a whopping 17 -pin difference. With no one shooting over 870 on their team the top half definitely carried the weight last week, taking 7 points between Alycia Mann (862) and Linda Orne (772). Linda continues to be the glue of this team as she has only lost 3.5 points all season. Team Rodych despite shooting 300 pins higher than Team Leyte only got an extra point to show for it as they had a tough matchup with Team S. Gelardi. Both Matt Rodych (1046) and Cindy Cousins (959) showed sparks of life again as they took nine points from Ralph and Kelly. At the bottom, Brandon Mansell (951) continues to throw a lot of pretty scores but not have a lot to show for it as he got swept by Sam Gelardi (1153). This gives Brandon three points over his last three weeks despite not shooting under 950 in any of them.

Over/Under: Players Over 1000 (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Match #5 – MAY vs. STEEVES

Yeah, I am not going to lie, did not expect either of these teams to win, let alone both of them. That being said, Team Steeves now holds the new high total for the league with 3937. The trio of Dave, Jayden and Marc combined for 3127, a 260 average. This was much needed surge of energy for not only the team but also Dave Duncan (963) and Jayden Nickerson (1032) who both have struggled to start the season. Team May will need to find some of that energy this week as well as they have not found much traction to start the season. Kyle Young’s 974 in Week 1 continues to be the teams only total over 900, though last week they did seem to fix their anchor problem by bringing in Will Thompson (1071) to spare for Kyle which proved to be a good decision as he swept Roland Flaig (840) and undoubtedly was a big reason for the team’s win. The team may want to do some laundry as their Calvin Cline’s seemed to have left a big skid mark across the sheet, after taking a 200-pin thrashing by Dwayne Gelardi (1017).

Over/Under: Bowlers over under 750 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May

Match #6 – YOUZWA vs. HOWARTH

Team Howarth did not have a pretty night but they luckily did all avoid being swept. Craig Enns (832) made sure to go out with a bang as he had a showdown with Tyson Nelson (971), winning 322-283. This definitely saved the night from being disastrous for him, as his previous two games only added up to 318. With the recent struggles of their next opponent this may very well be the week they steal a win. Team Youzwa was led by Colton Youzwa (1067) last week just too bad for him they were not the best followers, with the closest one being Ethan Buckman (799) who trailed behind 268 pins. They were able to at least all shoot decent in game two to manage one total off Team Armstrong but aside from that the wins were few and far apart.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Meurrens has been a freight train the last three weeks shooting over 3600 in each of them, and still being one of only two teams over 3800. The charge continues to be led by the deadly female duo of Brooke Goulet (909) and Jessica Meurrens (1118). This week it was Jessica taking care of business as she showed no mercy on Corey Chokekowski (793). This combined with a solid 900 from Chad Hurd for 4 points at leadoff, Team Meurrens cruised to an easy 23-point win. Team Costello did not have a particularly bad night; they were more so a victim of bad timing facing off a with Team Steeves on the night they almost shoot 4000. The one thread really holding this team together is Garry Bell (860) who is currently tied for the second highest winning percentage in the league, with 15 points through four weeks. Last week was no exception with him taking down Jennifer Duncan (810) with a very consistent but above average night

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Match #8 – NELSON vs. LAMONICA

Team Nelson continued their strong start to the season as they took 24 points for the third time in four weeks. Ryan Born (1091) picked up right where his father left off, nearly shooting his own 1100. He still did not have an easy night as he had to fight for his 3-2 win over Glen Howarth (919) despite the differences in their totals. Erik Stewart (858) would have had a much easier 3-2 over Mark Prystupa (813) if not for the shit tortilla he deiced to wrap his 520-double in, not breaking 180 to start or finish the night. Dewar (925) nearly managed to pull off the team win without 75% of his team actually being there. His total makes him the first of his team to crack the 900-mark this season. This means they will need to pick up their socks tonight as Team Nelson is averaging only one game under 900 per week. Unfortunately, last week they just pulled too many short straws when it came to spares, having their top two average a little under 180. Personally, I’m not sure who this Lisa Carvahlo (662) but they should try asking Lisa Fetch instead, she was way better, some may even say capable of 230s.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 900 (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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