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Friday Night All-Stars Week 7

Trevor (25-23-0) : Tyson (28-20-0)

Week 6 Recap

Hendrickson (17) vs Youzwa (14) – Cyndie beats Ryan like dusty rug, Team Hendrickson sneaks win

Lourenco (26) vs Fleming (5) – On bright side Team Fleming improves from last week

Armstrong (17) vs Naugler (14) – Team Armstrong pulls off another game four comeback, Karen rolls into anchor.

D. Gelardi (22) vs Nelson (9) – Calvin takes over for Dwayne shooting 1100, Team D. Gelardi coasts to easy win

Campbell (21) vs Howarth (10) – Team Campbell breaks 4000, thanks for coming Team Howarth

Rodych (20) vs Stevenson (11) – Team Rodych doesn’t shoot high, just high enough

LaMonica (22) vs S. Gelardi (9) – Captain’s presence inspires Team LaMonica win, Michael becomes the new Derek

Cook (22) vs King (9) – Zach and Trevor put Team King in checkmate



Team LaMonica seems extra adept at winning on even numbered weeks averaging 21 points, but only 11 points on odd numbered weeks. This held true last week versus Team S. Gelardi, thanks to bounce back weeks from both Matt Turanski (1064) and Jayden Nickerson (949). This provided much needed support as Andrew LaMonica (842) took a beating from Sam Gelardi (1114) at anchor. Team Stevenson seems to only be able to win on weeks starting in 3, and they also continued that in Week 6. They had a very winnable match versus Team Rodych that saw them lose three individual totals by less than 30 pins. Erik Stewart (862) and Michael Linsenmeier (858) combined for a 25-pin loss to Derek Sanderson (874) and Jennifer Devenney (871).

Key Matchup

Yet another lineup change coming for Team Stevenson as Erik and Michael will swap places this week. This means Erik will be facing Matt Turanski which can be a daunting task, especially in the second position. Both guys are capable of some big games, but as a former captain Matt has to be seen as the bigger threat. If Erik can keep within 100 pins it should still give his team a fair chance.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #2 – ARMSTRONG vs. KING

Team King has been following the Team Stevenson pattern of only winning on weeks starting in 3 and unfortunately it has landed them in 15th after six weeks. Week 6 was one of their better weeks but ran into a tough matchup with Zach Friesen (1092) and Trevor Cook (1134) both shooting basically 1100. The real silver lining though was Anthony Novak (991) coming back looking like his old self putting up a new season high and taking four points of Derek Sabourin (898). Team Armstrong picked up another close win last week, over Team Naugler. Captain Karen Armstrong (986) is leading the charge, picking up her first sweep off Jeston Bartram (911). This helped makeup for the rough night from Randy Morrisette (828) who just looked like he could get nothing going against Matt Sutherland (900).

Key Matchup

Thanks to Karen’s hot start to the season, Randy will be moving down into the third position to take on Chris Dewar (873). This is a bit of an uphill battle for Dewar but honestly, we have seen our fair share of struggles from Randy at St. James and I think this could turn into a really close match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #3 – D. GELARDI vs. LOURENCO

After tonight only one undefeated team shall remain (barring a tie) as the two clear front runners in the league go head-to-head. Team D. Gelardi took a relatively easy win off Team Nelson, especially thanks to a breakout night from Calvin Cline (1118) that saw him crush Cindy Cousins (834) by 284 pins. Jesse Leyte (875) had a rollercoaster of a night starting with a 542 double only to finish with a 333 double but regardless still picked up four points of Dave Duncan (773). Team Lourenco continued to roll through teams last week, laying yet another big week on Team Fleming. The power trio of Jon Linley (1005), Belle Lourenco (1004) and Alycia Mann (950) combined for 14/15 points, with Darren Maxwell (864) picking up the lone point of Alycia. These were season high totals for all three, and both Jon and Alycia remain unbeaten on the season.

Key Matchup

With how well these two teams have bowled to start this season there are so many factors in play. The first big one will be if Dwayne is back to 100% after a slight set back injury wise last week that could come into play. The other is which James Jubinville (743) shows up for Team Lourenco, if it’s the one over 900 his team will be close, if its not then it could turn into a long night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #4 – HOWARTH vs. NAUGLER

Team Naugler is coming off a near miss of an upset against Team Armstrong, still managing 14 points which is never a bad loss. Jordan Nickerson (878) apparently turned into King Midas last week cause almost every time he touched the middle it was gold, boasting an 86% strike percentage. This will raise questions if he can keep up his scores once this mellows back down to roughly that 50% mark, and a few more spares are required. Team Howarth put in a solid effort last week, usually 3762 is more than enough for a win, this sadly isn’t the case when you get a 4000+ week shot at you, like Team Campbell did. Thankfully a good night from Glen Howarth (1006) meant he was able to take four points, including stealing total in game four from Alyssa Campbell (1004).

Key Matchup

Jeston Bartram (911) comes in as the league leader in headpins, averaging just over 9 per week. After his recent success at Masters on the weekend I have to believe his confidence is coming in at a high, and that could translate to a few less head pins. If that is the case then the matchup between him and Glen should be a back and forth all night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Howarth

Trevor’s Pick: Team Howarth

Match #5 – NELSON vs. RODYCH

Team Nelson is all over the map, after taking a big loss to Team D. Gelardi last week they drop back into the bottom half of the league. Cindy Cousins (834) got shutout by Calvin Cline (1118) last week and continues to slump the past four weeks averaging a little over 212, second highest on their team during that span which is never a good sign. The saving grace for Team Nelson was Lisa Fetch (872) at leadoff having a good showing, managing four points off Chris Jeffers (845). Team Rodych is hot off a big win over Team Stevenson that saw their entire team walk away with their individual totals. Overall, it was a fairly average night for most of the team with the exception of Amanda Devenney (809) who ended up with a fortunate draw that she was facing Jayson May (776) on a night where they both were more than 100 pins under average.

Key Matchup

The bottom half of these lineups is fairly well balanced, so it will be the top two that decide this matchup. Of these Dave Duncan (793) will most likely be the biggest wild card as he has no weeks in the 800s only 700s or 900s and that could be make or break tonight. Especially, playing Derek Sanderson (874) who has only one week under 870 in his last four, so this should be the matchup to keep your eye on.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Talk about a comeback week. After being called out for not being able to win, Team Campbell comes back with some fire, putting up the highest grand total in the last two seasons 4011. It always helps when your second and anchor combine for 2296, with Jessica Meurrens (1136) and Kyle Costello (1160). Team captain Alyssa Campbell (1001) contributed to the pinfall but only contributed a single point after losing several close games to opposing anchor Glen Howarth (1006). Team Hendrickson did not have quite as grand of scores, but still three bowlers over 920 will usually lead to a good night. This is especially true when your leadoff Cyndie Barnett (966) is high on your team, and wins her matchup by 343 pins over Ryan Bannerman (623). This was the only individual total they won but it was enough to get them the victory, and realistically Chad Hurd (871) was in great position to win his total until he shot a 138 in game three, no matter how small its written on the paper I can still see haha, only losing by 3 pins to Jennifer Duncan (874).

Key Matchup

Team Hendrickson’s lineup changes like the weather so with Chad moving up to leadoff, I think Team Campbell is going to be looking for Tabatha Gelardi (714) to keep it close as they have the advantage at all other positions. If Tabby keeps it within 100 pins I think they will manage quite well, if not I could see this as a 17 – 14 kind of night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Match #7 – COOK vs. YOUZWA

Team Cook put up the night’s second biggest total at 3894, gave themselves a solid 22 points. At a combined 2226, Zach Friesen (1092) and Trevor Cook (1134) still only come in at second for second/anchor duos on Week 6, but first by a mile any other week. Zach and Trevor both had two 300+ games with their biggest ones being 349 for Zach and 388 for Trevor, good enough for 3rd and 1st for league high games this season. Team Youzwa is coming off a tough loss where they only gave up one individual total and it was enough to cost them the win. The team had great signs of life though as both Colton Youzwa (1006) and Marc Steves (1031) shot over 1000 in the same week for the first time this season, slowly becoming the deadly duo people expected them to be.

Key Matchup

With two guys coming in off their first 1000s of the season, I will be interested to see what Zach and Matt will do to follow it up. Matt has been the more consistent one this season and think he would be a safe bet. The question will be if Zach can keep it over that 900-mark at least to keep the match close.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #8 – S. GELARDI vs. FLEMING

For Team Fleming’s sake I will keep their part short and as sweet as I can. Mark Prystupa (766) found himself in a battle at leadoff facing James Jubinville (746) that saw a couple matches decided by one ball. Mark ended up on the right side of both those games and rounded the night out with a cool four points, 80% of his team’s points on the night. Team S. Gelardi also is coming off a single-digit point week, despite a valiant effort by both Holly Chaikowski (954) and Sam Gelardi (1114). Sam’s is especially impressive considering it started with a 197 and finished with a 917 triple. It wasn’t enough to compensate for Corey Chaikowski (793) and Michael Young (787) both being swept by Matt Turanski (1064) and Jayden Nickerson (949) respectively though. Michael clearly was taking lessons from Derek Sabourin on how not to throw a ball.

Key Matchup

At anchor this will probably be Brooke Goulet’s biggest challenge yet this season going against the 3rd highest average in the league in Sam. Team Fleming will really just have to scrap out points wherever they can find them, or hope something clicks and they can get on a roll.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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