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Friday Night All-Stars Week 7

Trevor (28-20-0) : Tyson (24-24-0)


Match #1 – MAY vs LAMONICA

Both these teams did something unexpected last week… win. Team LaMonica had their charge led by Jennifer Devenney (963) and Chris Dewar (931) who took eight points off Scott Hitchcock (849) and Brett Hendrickson (847), who also set new season highs with their totals. This gives Dewar wins in five of his last six matchups, which will be put to the test this week when he faces Kyle Young (1040). That being said last week was Kyle’s first week throwing close to his draft average, and this will be a big week for him to show that he can start to consistently score at St. James. Jayson May (1130) has now taken over for anchor of his team, after shooting lights out last week with a low game of 264, and sweeping Kevin Slippert (880). This was certainly a big reason for Team May setting the new season high for weekly point total with 28.

Matchup to Watch:

Team LaMonica has now seen their captain present in two straight weeks, they will be hoping his bowling skills are soon to follow as he has averaged a little over a point a week this season, and is facing Calvin Cline who has only lost one match, a big factor in who will win this match is this matchup.

Over/Under: Jayson May chop spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May

Match #2 – COSTELLO vs. RODYCH

Team Costello continues to be the epitome of you know what you’ll be facing when you got against them, and for their bottom three that’s mid 900s. They may do it in some very up and down ways, but if you aren’t shooting over 950 you aren’t likely winning total. Last week the trio of Matt Turanski (941), Russel Knight (989) and Kyle Costello (983) averaged 971 for 11 points, and even combined for an 896 triple in game three. Team Rodych fell victim last week to a bad case of wrong opponent at the wrong time, as they averaged 976 for their first three games, and did not win a single total against Team Lourenco. On the bright side Brandon Mansell (1044) did finally make his way back to the win column for the first time since Week 1, taking down James Jubinville (991) 3-2. Currently Brandon sists undefeated when shooting over 1000 but winless when shooting under.

Over/Under: Brandon Mansell Total (999.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Match #3 – STEEVES vs. NELSON

Team Steeves was a one-man circus last week and even that one man only ended with one point. Of course, this refers to Marc Steeves (1071) losing 4-1 to Trevor Cook (1099), with the lone win coming from both guys going high game against high game 367-289. The team saw the first bad week of the year for Jayden Nickerson (769) as the wheels fell off the bus after a 240 start was followed up by a 529-triple and to really rub salt into the wound, ended up losing total by a singular pin to Corey Chaikowski (770). Similarly for Team Nelson’s Tyson Nelson (1008) he saw his unbeaten streak snapped by Kevin Boyko (1002), despite still not having lost a total. While Erik Stewart (762) also saw his first bad week of the season, but nearly forced a 120-pin comeback in game 4 falling 4 pins shy of catching Karrie (766), after finishing game four 266-150.

Matchup to Watch:

Team Steeves will need Jayden back in shape for this week, as he is facing Geoff Born (978) who is not a guy you want to give an early lead to, especially as he is starting to hit his stride at St James.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Team Lourenco is coming into this match off a season high 3885, while Team Howarth off a season low 3083. The high week for Team Lourenco had a strong foundation from Kevin Naugler (1136). Kevin is the first player this season to throw three consecutive 300s (307,326, 300) in what Matt Rodych (908) described as a rough time with no lubrication. Even with all that firepower, Team Lourenco still did not win their totals easily, despite averaging 1016 for the first three games, they only won by an average of 40 points. This will prove to be a tough matchup for team Howarth as currently anchor Craig Enns (924) is only a pin higher than opposing leadoff Quinton Crockett (855), meaning its an uphill battle for everyone. The real stinger for Team Howarth last week was it was probably one of their best chances to pickup a win, with Team Leyte only shooting 3250, but a 719 average from the top three just proved to be too big of a hole to pull themselves up out of. On the bright side it can only go up for Mark, Mike and Glen.

Over/Under: Players Over 1000 (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #5 – STEVENSON vs. COOK

Team Stevenson may have only been half there, but in the end, they would have done almost as well if no one had showed up. Their 3 points is now the bar for low point total in a week, and not a title they will hold too proudly. They did face a strong duo of Jayson May (1130) and Kyle Young (1040) but as a team they were never even within sight of a total, being down on average 110 pins per game. Basically, every player was one bad game short of having an average night but simply got outplayed by their opponents. Trevor Cook (1099) comes in with more points last week than the entirety of Team Stevenson. It has been a slow start for the reigning league high average winner, but Week 6 showed signs of last years life, and making it a good showdown with Marc Steeves (1071) with the pair combining for a 271.5 average, one of the highest scoring matchups of the season. The team was also happy to see Char Hurd (822) snap her four-week losing streak and pickup her first win of the season, beating Jennifer Duncan (799) 4-1. The key factors for each team will be Corey Chaikowski (770) and Alley Bourcier (723), the two have combined for only a single week over 800 in the last three weeks, and their teams’ will need more out of them if they hope to run away with this match.

Over/Under: Michael Linsenmeier Middle hits (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #6 – MEURRENS vs. LEYTE

Team Leyte just raised more questions last week with their victory over Team Howarth, taking 25 points but only shooting 3250 to do it. Currently riding a 5-week win streak this will be their first real test since Week 1 as every team they have beat is currently ranked 10th or lower, while Team Meurrens comes in right behind them in the standings at 4th. The team did see solid nights from; Linda Orne (887) who laid a beating on Mark Prystupa (655), taking all five points and Wayne King (951) who now looks to have hit his stride with back-to-back 950 weeks. Team Meurrens really jumped on Brooke Goulet’s (1085) back last week. Her running over of Ethan Buckman (817) last week was so thorough I am pretty sure her shoeprint is now a permanent tattoo in his collection. Aside from this both Jessica Meurrens (836) and Jesse Gagnon (825) were dead even in total with their opponents, with Jesse winning total by 6 pins over Tracy Jubinville (819) and Jessica losing total by 2 to Colton Youzwa (838). Jesse barely held onto that total despite winning game 2 by 179 pins, 312-133.

Over/Under: Chad Hurd Strikes (15.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Match #7 – D. GELARDI vs. YOUZWA

Fun fact… only one person in this match is better than -10 from their draft average, and combined they are -155 pins (-19.4/bowler). This match is more a chance to see who can jump off the struggle bus. Last week saw a rude return from the Autumn Open for both Colton Youzwa (838) and Dwayne Gelardi (830). Dwayne is currently the league leader in heads pins averaging 9 per week and going to look to change that and use Ethan Buckman (817) as his personal stepping stone to get back to last year’s pace. The same could be said for Cordell Galbecka (759) who now drops to leadoff and at this point his team would gladly salvage even a 220 if possible, having both these bowlers 30 pins below average has definitely had an impact on their standings. Team Youzwa is in the same boat but with no players within 10 pins of last years average, and the one they really need a spark from is Tim Hooper who currently sits 27 pins under. I also still stand by my statement that Team D. Gelardi is yet to win with Roland Flaig (1023) present, as proven by him bowling well last week and his team barely having anything to show for it.

Matchup to Watch:

Colton Youzwa versus Roland Flaig (1023) should prove to be worth the watch as last year’s former Dakota teammate may light a fire under Colton’s ass.

Over/Under: Dwayne Gelardi Headpins (8.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Armstrong finally ended up with a week between 10-20 points, and had Team Nelson on the ropes towards the end of the night. Kevin Boyko (1002) despite a slow start pulled off a win over Tyson Nelson (1008) taking the last three games with an 826-triple, which unfortunately for the rest of his team was higher than any of their totals. Karen Armstrong (808) was in a tight battle with Ray Bartel (871), going into game 4 even, but taking an untimely loss 181-254 to end up going down 2-3. Team S. Gelardi let one slip through their fingers last week, taking the 13-18 loss to Team LaMonica. Sam Gelardi (942) continued his winning ways, picking up his 18th point in the last four weeks, going 4-1 against Andrew LaMonica (875). Brett Hendrickson (847) as the only other team member present just only seemed to find his groove for one game when he won 274-186 over Jennifer Devenney (963), resulting in his only point of the night.

Over/Under: Brett Hendrickson Strikes (16.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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