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Friday Night All-Stars Week 8

Trevor (28-28-0) : Tyson (32-24-0)

Week 7 Recap by Anonymous Observer

Howarth (21) vs. Naugler (10): Mike finds it late, Glen powers on, Adam gets stomped.

King (20) vs. Armstrong (11): Bell buries Hooper under huge strike percentage.

S. Gelardi (28) vs Fleming (3): Total annihilation after Team Fleming puts up a potentially record low total.

Cook (26) vs. Youzwa (5): Close match decisively won as Trevor is very good at bowling.

D. Gelardi (8) vs. Lourenco (23): Jesse very good but not enough as Kelly stars in cameo appearance.

Campbell (5) vs. Hendrickson (26): Hendrickson wins easily as Chad is surprisingly better.

Stevenson (22) vs. LaMonica (9): Team Stevenson dominates with 4120 series, Andrew prevents total sweep.

Nelson (15) vs. Rodych (16): Close match decided in the final frame. Foul proves to be costly.


Match #1 – HOWARTH vs. KING

Both these teams were able to end their three-week losing streaks last week and had to work hard to do it. Team Howarth did not have an easy time with Team Naugler. Most notably was Mike Devenney (946) pulling out a huge game four win 318-250 over Jordan Nickerson (902) to steal back his total. This was complimented really well by Ray Bartel (870) sweeping Adam Williamson (717) and Glen Howarth (1020) managing a 3-2 win over Jeston Bartram (958). Team King did not have to work quite as hard towards the end as Wayne King (1012) had his match against Karen Armstrong (842) wrapped up after three games 820-578. The closest matchup came from Chris Dewar (981) and Randy Morrisette (931) who only had a pin separating them going into the last game, where Dewar won 246-197.

Key Matchup

The anchors will be the focus of this match for sure, with both Glen and Wayne coming off 1000+ totals. Wayne now has three straight over 1000, averaging 256 during that span. His opponent Glen also has three 1000s this season but also has sprinkled in as many 800s making him the biggest wildcard and probably the make or break for his team if Wayne keeps up his pace.

Anonymous Observations

Close match expected that will likely be decided at 3rd and anchor.

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #2 – LAMONICA vs. NELSON

Both teams are coming off losses and will be looking to bounce back, Team Nelson lost by 8 pins and Team LaMonica lost by 537. The irony is that Team LaMonica actually shot higher just ran into the brick wall that was Team Stevenson and their 4120. Luckily thanks to some good bowling by Andrew LaMonica (1105) they were able to keep the damage to a 9-point loss. For reference, the next closest individual total for Team LaMonica was Matt Turanski (842) losing to Erik Stewart (981). Team Nelson had a much closer match, with everything coming down to the last ball. Cindy Cousins (871) was on the good side of many of those as she won three matches by less than 10 pins and managed her second sweep in the last three weeks. Team Nelson even walked away with an extra 1.5 points after a foul from Matt Rodych (1019) in game three resulted in his team losing total by 14 pins and him losing his game to Tyson Nelson (969) by 15 pins.

The thirds for each team have the potential to turn this match on its head. Both Jayden Nickerson (825) and Cindy Cousins (876) started the season off really strong but in the last four weeks each only have a single week over 850. Given the potential we saw from them early in the season it’s only a matter of time before one of them finds it again and gets on a roll. This match could end up close enough that it may just come down to it.

Anonymous Observations

Tight match on paper likely to be decided by who shows up tonight.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #3 – COOK vs. CAMPBELL

After the firestorm that Team Campbell put up two weeks ago, they looked more like embers in Week 7, shooting 700 pins lower. With a high game of 224 wins were hard to find for Team Campbell, and yet somehow Kyle Costello (867) managed to hold onto total despite losing 3-2 to Robbie Hendrickson (849) at anchor. His two points was tied for high on the team with Alyssa Campbell (811) who snuck two close games away from Cyndie Barnett (931) by six and seven pins. As much as Team Campbell was losing, Team Cook was winning, only giving up a handful of points. Captain Trevor Cook (1210) became the first player this season to eclipse the 1200-mark and did it against close friend Matt Sutherland (882) to boot, the 687 double in the middle certainly did not hurt. Zach Friesen (948) almost found himself in the same boat as Robbie, narrowly stealing back his total in game four 209-170 over Marc Steves (946).

Key Matchup

The leadoff position will become very important in this matchup as Derek Sabourin (887) faces Tabatha Gelardi (732). Given her recent struggles this will be a tough battle for Tabby facing off against a player who realistically has solid third potential and she will definitely need a bounce back week or her team will need be scrambling to win team totals.

Anonymous Observations

Campbell needs top half to show up to keep it close in this battle of last years teammates.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #4 – LOURENCO vs. RODYCH

Team Lourenco made themselves the last undefeated team left standing after knocking off Team D. Gelardi in Week 7. James Jubinville (926) bounces back from a low 700 to a low 900, who could have predicted that, and made it count too as he swept Chris Jeffers (776) at leadoff. The rest of Team Lourenco combined for 3076, a 256 average. Alycia Mann (987) continues her success at anchor nearly sweeping Dwayne Gelardi (899) with a four-point night. Team Rodych was a little less dominant but still pulled out the win over Team Nelson last week. With an off night from Amanda Devenney (746) both Jennifer Devenney (905) and Matt Rodych (1019) stepped up to make up the difference, combining for seven points off Lisa Fetch (797) and Tyson Nelson (969) respectively. Both have now won back-to-back weeks and will be looking to become the first player on their team to win three straight tonight.

Key Matchup

A lot of this matchup boils down to the top half of the lineups. Derek Sanderson (843) and Amanda have a combined three weeks over 900, while their opponents James and Jon Linley have a combined seven. This mean both Derek and Amanda will need to bring their A-game if they want to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

Anonymous Observations

Top half of Team Lourenco may be the decisive factor in this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Team Hendrickson probably pulled off one of the bigger stuns of the season so far, not that they won, but just the fact it was such a blowout 26-5 over Team Campbell. The only player to lose their total was Robbie Hendrickson (849) and he still walked away with a 3-2 win over Kyle Costello (867). Cyndie Barnett (931) continued her hot bowling to start the season, keeping her tied for the team high with four weeks over 900 already and on a four week win streak at the moment. Team Naugler shot almost the same score as Team Hendrickson last week however walked away with 16 less points to show for it. They did have very positive takeaways from the night though as both Jordan Nickerson (902) and Jeston Bartram (958) had season high totals. Jordan even had his total till a last-minute burst of life from mike Devenney (946) snatched it away with a 318-250 win in game four.

Key Matchup

The leadoffs could be the biggest factor in this match as Adam Williamson (717) comes in on a cold streak the past few weeks and runs into a former team captain in the form of Chad Hurd (876). This matchup could really sway the momentum of the match if both Jordan and Jeston can keep up their pace from last week.

Anonymous Observations

Can Chad continue in his efforts to reach mediocrity?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler

Match #6 – D. GELARDI vs. S. GELARDI

This is another match where both teams had similar scores last week with very different results. Team D. Gelardi could not handle the female power of Team Lourenco in a 23-8 beatdown. Jesse Leyte (1064) was the only member of his team to take more than a single point as he finished his night with a 900-triple against Belle Lourenco (985) to steal his total in game four 316-249. This marked not only the first loss of the season for Team D. Gelardi but also for both Calvin Cline (937) and Dwayne Gelardi (899) individually. Quite the opposite can be said for Team S. Gelardi who seemingly faced no power of any kind from their opposition, and by that, I mean only two games over 200 in the whole night… which ironically were two of the three wins Team Fleming took. Team S. Gelardi got especially lucky when you consider that only one person broke 860 on the night and just like Team D. Gelardi it was their second Holly Chaikowski (1059) throwing dynamite all night.

Key Matchup

Both brothers are coming off their lowest nights of the season and first sub-900s at that. I would expect to see both bounce back in a big way. If Sam Gelardi (856) can pull away and get some distance on Dwayne I think his team could have a decent chance.

Anonymous Observations

The better Gelardi probably wins this one for their team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


I don’t have all the history and stats but this may very well be the biggest differential in totals coming in from the previous week for any match. 4210-2731, a whopping 1479-pin difference for four games. On the bright side for Team Fleming, it really can only go up from there, especially with only four games over 180 in Week 7. For Team Stevenson almost everything is bright right about now, especially when you look at their first three games last week which totaled 3231, a 269 team average. Much liked I assumed, Erik Stewart (981) handled Matt Turanski (846) with ease, boasting a 778-triple to start the night. Last week even saw the revival of Michael Linsenmeier (1020) in his crushing defeat of Jeff Bradshaw (811), giving hope that his early season slump is fading away.

Key Matchup

I think Team Fleming will really need to look to their bottom two players Chloe Fleming (725) and Brooke Goulet (731) to provide the spark for their team. Both have potential to shoot big scores, we have seen it from Brooke already this year and saw it many times from Chloe last season. This will be where the momentum needs to start for this team to get out of its funk.

Anonymous Observations

Avert your vision as this one could get ugly. Potential 31-0??

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Both these teams are coming off losses and going to be looking to get back on track as we round out the first quarter of the season. Team Armstrong is coming off their lowest week of the season which at 3411 is not that bad. With the abundance of spares most likely being used for this team as there is a bomber game on, momentum really won’t be much of a factor and makes them quite a wildcard as to who could show up for them. Team Youzwa will hopefully look to get right back in the swing of things with the return of captain Colton Youzwa. His entire team was close last week, losing two totals by less than 20 pins, Jennifer Duncan (854) to Char McIvor (873) and Marc Steves (946) to Zach Friesen (948). Marc nearly got the win on total despite only winning one match which was his 317-198 win in game three.

Key Matchup

I think you look at Colton and Marc, if both these guys are firing and shoot over average the win should not be far behind. I wouldn’t be surprised to see bot hover the 1000-mark tonight.

Anonymous Observations

Can the “spare” team get it done for Armstrong?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

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