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Friday Night All-Stars Week 8

Trevor (31-25-0) : Tyson (29-27-0)



Team Costello went in as slight favourites last week but really ran away with it, taking 27 points off Team Rodych. The whole night was spearheaded by captain Kyle Costello (1115) who was busy giving Brandon Mansell (984) the business, picking up his first sweep of the season. Also picking up a flawless week was Blair Graff (806), winning three of his four games by just a single ball over Gillian LaMonica (750). The team has seen a resurgence with the return of Matt Turanski (913) the last two weeks, putting up 48 points in that span. A big leap from their opponents this week who have not put up 48 points in the last 5 weeks. Though last week they did finally see signs of life from their captain with Glen Howarth (1002) having a solid 4-point night off James Jubinville (904). That’s about four more points than Mike Devenney (710) got off Belle Lourenco (1114), who clearly dressed the lanes much more in his opponent’s favour. If Glen is back to last year’s form, the onus falls to Mark and Mike to go shot for shot with Gary Bell and Turanski.

Over/Under: Russel Knight middle hits (30.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello

Match #2 – COOK vs. LAMONICA

Team LaMonica makes it back-to-back wins for the first time this season, taking down a desolate looking Team May. The team has now also seen consecutive weeks of season high scores being set from both Andrew Lamonica (939) and Jennifer Devenney (991), and the 8 points they took was a nice bonus on top of that. Derek Sanderson (849) was on pace to set a new season high before tripping and fall over his 145 game four, but the 704 triple to start the night was still more than enough cushion to give him a good night and another four points off Jeff Fraser (771). Team Cook was closer to Team Simmer last week, with only three games over 230, there was no heat behind their balls. The par of the team that did come together was Amanda Devenney (897) who despite the slow 150 start, was flawless the rest of the night against Michael Young (809). Clearly wearing the pants over husband Trevor Cook (879) who went from a season high to a season low, and absolutely got pumped by Alyssa Campbell (1090).

Over/Under: Derek Sanderson middle hits (25.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #3 – D. GELARDI vs. LEYTE

Just as we thought Team Leyte won last week easily over Team Meurrens. The women have really taken the guys up onto their shoulders to start this season as both Linda Orne (941) and Alycia Mann (866) now sit at 6-1 on the season, with Alycia currently riding a 6-week winning streak. Her latest victim being Jesse Gagnon (719). The team also pulled out the right spare the night as Cam Boon (990) was able to take down one of the league’s high averages, Brook Goulet (965) in a fairly tightly contested battle, with Cam coming out on top 3-2. I would like to welcome back Dwayne Gelardi (1183) who finally made an appearance after sleeping in for the first six weeks. Dwayne came out guns blazing setting not only the league high total (not counting spares) and the high single with a great run in game three for a 420. Also giving him the biggest margin of victory this season at 449 pins over Lisa Carvahlo (734). This also marks the first win for the team with Roland Flaig (787) present, but I think in this case any bowler off the street probably would have sufficed.

Over/Under: Alycia Mann corners thrown (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Team Nelson had a fairly even scoring looking night if you only look at the totals, with Ray Bartel (985), Geoff Born (968) and Tyson Nelson (996). A little bit more of a roller coaster night for Geoff and Ray when you consider neither shot back-to-back games within 50 pins of the previous game. Unfortunately for Team Steeves their good game came on one of the peaks from Geoff and Ray who combine for 610 in game 2 for the 1027-1013 win. Ray Bartel remains the last undefeated player in the league at 7-0. Team Stevenson can definitely thank Alyssa Campbell (1090) as a big part of their win over Team Cook last week, especially when you consider she beat Trevor Cook (879) by 211 pins. That pair with another strong week from Michael Linsenmeier (999) who picked up a sweep over Don carpenter (818). Michael has now gone back-to-back weeks sweeping his opponents and the last time he lost a point was back in September. The team will be excited to have captain Dylan Stevenson back this week who comes in having played very strong this season, and should have a very good matchup against Tyson.

Over/Under: Michael Young pins left on deck (42.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


This should be one of the higher scoring matches this week as these two teams come in as the 2nd and 3rd highest averaging teams. The female representation is also strong in this one as the three highest averaging females are featured as well. Team Meurrens took a hard loss last week to Team Leyte that saw them drop from 4th to 7th. Jessica Meurrens (1036) was able to minimize the damage thanks to her four points off Jesse Leyte (931). What didn’t lessen the damage was Jesse Gagnon (719) getting swept by Alycia Mann (866) making him 0-6 on the season and the last remaining winless player in the league. Team Lourenco had quite the opposite night with them making up some serious points to keep them right up near the top of the league. Right at the forefront of al those points was captain Belle Lourenco (1114) who showed no mercy on Mike Devenney (710) and at the same time joined two elusive clubs, those are the 90% hit club and the 400-pin win club. The team should have had an extra 0.5 point if not for an open rack 2-pin in the last frame by Kevin Naugler (977) giving Craig Enns (937) the chance to tie the game at 224.

Over/Under: Chad Hurd Middle hits (28.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #6 – S. GELARDI vs. STEEVES

Team Steeves despite not winning a total last week had Team nelson on their toes going into the last game as every total had been close. An untimely descent in game four saw any hopes of a comeback disappear with the 462-triple from the top three. As it has been most of the season Marc Steeves (939) continues to either red hot or ice cold, prime example was that no game was within 85 pins of the previous game, definitely a hard way to keep up that 250 average. Team S. Gelardi had basically the same night but with three times the points thanks to a favourable matchup that saw them win total 3353-3299. Sam Gelardi (1045) continued his rampage once again this week taking down Kevin Boyko (957), and improving to one of a handful of players at 6-1 this season. The only chink in their night came from newly announced father-to-be Brett Hendrickson (714) who might have to call Richard Perisian (863) daddy after that one point spanking. Honestly these two teams have very similar dynamics with two of the top averaging anchors in the league. The numbers show this as being a dead heat for totals but I think Team S. Gelardi comes in with just a slightly higher ceiling.

Over/Under: Mark Steeves games over 275 (1.5)… also under 220 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #7 – MAY vs. ARMSTRONG

After last week the league is considering revising the name of Team May to Team May-Need-To-Go-Practice, as the three members who were there combined for a 194 average and three points off a Team Lamonica who has been beatable all season. Captain Jayson May (847) was another player who went from a season high in Week 6 to a season low last week, luckily scraping out one good game to avoid the sweep by Jennifer Devenney (991). Team Armstrong doesn’t come in any better after last week that saw them give up 21 points to an S. Gelardi team that barely broke 3300. Richard Perisian (863) was the little bit of glue that held the team together enough to stay out of the single digits for points, thanks to his win over Brett Hendrickson (714). The key factors in this match have to be Jayson for his team as he has only had the one good week, but we have seen signs that the potential is there this season, and Karen Armstrong (797) for her team as she has struggled to find a rhythm to start the season. Either one can pop off at any time, we just need to see it come through this week.

Over/Under: Richard Perisian pins on deck (43.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May

Match #8 – YOUZWA vs. RODYCH

Team Youzwa can join the list of teams with strong anchors but struggling teams. Last week saw Colton Youzwa (1068) makeup 33% of his team’s total, with the rest of the team averaging 183. Tracy Jubinville (792) was the lone member of the three to score some points, and nearly pulled off a game four comeback on Robbie Hendrickson (819) thanks to a 282-205 win. Despite the scores last week was an improvement in most major stats though and I think she is nearing a breakout week sometime in the next couple. Colton’s win also makes him 5-1 on the season, making him one of the top anchors so far this season. Team Rodych looks a little more consistent through their lineup but got their teeth kicked in last week by Team Costello. Being swept at both the top and bottom, meant Matt Rodych (838) and Cindy Cousins (868) were their team’s only four points thanks to a few individual game wins. Brandon Mansell (984) having an opponent throw well against him is no surprise as he has the highest opponent average of anyone in the league at 262.5.

Over/Under: Tim Hooper corner spares (1.5) Brandon’s opponent average (262.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

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