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Friday Night All-Stars Week 9

Trevor (33-31-0) : Tyson (36-28-0)

Week 8 Recap by Me

King (18) vs. Howarth (13): King carries team to victory, Carter throws a little Schade.

Nelson (20) vs. LaMonica (11): Jayden makes Cindy mad, does not end well for him.

Campbell (20) vs Cook (11): Trevor gets taste of own medicine, hard pill to swallow for Team Cook.

Rodych (18) vs. Lourenco (13): Last undefeated team beaten, Alycia gets Mann-handled by Matt.

Naugler (23) vs. Hendrickson (8): Jeston remembers how to bowl… Brett forgets

D. Gelardi (21) vs. S. Gelardi (10): Dwayne reigns as supreme Gelardi, puts Sam in timeout.

Stevenson (24) vs. Fleming (7): Jayson continues hot streak, scorches Brooke in the process

Youzwa (22.5) vs. Armstrong (8.5): Team Youzwa drags Jen across finish line in big win.


Match #1 – D. GELARDI vs. FLEMING

Close your eyes on this one, things could get ugly. The league’s number two ranked team comes in averaging 20 points a week while their opponent is averaging 8 points a week over the same span. On the plus side Team Fleming saw bounce back performances from both Gillian LaMonica (816) and Brooke Goulet (964). Gillian was in control of her match until a late game four push, 267-211, by Erik Stewart (827) allowed him to steal total by 11 pins. Brooke was much less in control of hers, as Jayson May (1103) left very little room for her to catch up. Speaking leaving very little room for your opponent, Dwayne Gelardi (1204) showed no mercy on his little brother putting up a 1009-triple. His team definitely needed the help as Chris Jeffers (847) and Jesse Leyte (948) combined for only three points, and lost total by a combined 247 pins.

Key Matchup

If Team Fleming is looking for any flaws in Team D. Gelardi’s game, it’s that they need to take advantage of the low games when they are thrown. Team D. Gelardi will throw a lot of big scores at you, but they also have their share of sub-200 games, these will be absolutely must-win games for Team Fleming. Chloe Fleming (832) probably will have the best chance facing off with Calvin Cline (836) if she can find her groove.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Team Stevenson cooled off slightly after their huge explosion in Week 7, but still finished with a solid 3742. A big part of that can be linked back to Jayson May (1103) putting up back-to-back 1100s, which was further complimented by spare Roland Flaig (1017). Both took four points, and furthermore give Team Stevenson their second straight win over 20 points. Team Youzwa is also coming off a 20+ point win of their own, taking down the nearly all spare Team Armstrong. This match even featured two sweeps, one from Marc Steves (999) over Andrea Alblas (883) and the other from Jesse Gagnon (996) who broke out of his shell for the first time this season against Shannon Pruden (761). The anchor matchup saw a back and forth battle all night as Colton Youzwa started with a 114-pin lead and found himself down in total the very next game to Janna Van Walleghem (885) but ultimately, he held on for the 3-2 victory.

I could see this match being a battle of the thirds and anchors. There is a lot of potential for big scores, especially given Jayson’s 278-average over the last two weeks but that is nothing unheard of for Colton either. Marc has been the more consistent bowler between him and Dylan Stevenson but Dylan has a both a higher high total and lower low total so that will make him a big wildcard in this matchup.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #3 – RODYCH vs. LAMONICA

Team Rodych has been on a roll as of late, currently the only team on a 3-week win streak, taking down the last undefeated team, Team Lourenco. Big nights from both spare Sandi Anderson (994) and captain Matt Rodych (997) ended up being the deciding factor that pushed them over the edge for grand total. Surprisingly Derek Sanderson (968) at leadoff only took 2 points with his 968 as his opponent was one of the three leadoffs over 990 last week, James Jubinville (1039). Speaking of leadoffs over 990, his opponent Jeff Bradshaw (887) was not one of them, no one on Team LaMonica was in fact. Jeff did secure a win over Lisa Fetch (808) with a solid 703-triple to finish. As a whole Team LaMonica could just never get into a rhythm, especially Jayden Nickerson (785) who started up 89-pins on Cindy Cousins (853) only to finish with a 315-double to give her total, after an especially painful 142-163 loss in game four.

Key Matchup

The interior of the lineup could really turn this match one way or the other. Between Jayden, Matt Turanksi (854) and the Devenney sisters there have only been a combined four totals over 900 since Week 3, so none of them are as dialed in as we typically see them. That being said, it means at least one of them is long overdue to have a good week, and I think the player that can make that happen will be the difference maker in this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #4 – NELSON vs. CAMPBELL

Both these teams entered last week tied in the standings and left it that way as both took 20-point wins over their opponents. Team Campbell leaned heavily on their bottom half as Jessica Meurrens (988) and Kyle Costello (1163) combined for seven points but more importantly, a 300-pin advantage for their team. Tabatha Gelardi (781) even got in on the fun, picking up her first win since Week 2, over Derek Sabourin (779) pulling off the 31-pin comeback with a game four win, 176-143. Team Nelson found similar success with the bottom three taking 12 of 15 points. Notably, Cindy Cousins (853) came back after being down 89 pins in game one to beat Jayden Nickerson (785), 4-1. At anchor, Tyson Nelson (1068) handed Andrew LaMonica (968) his second loss of the season. Dave Duncan (927) followed right behind his teammates handling Matt Turanski (854) with ease most of the night.

Key Matchup

The thirds, Cindy and Jessica, could make for a very exciting matchup for two of the more competitive females in the league. With the top half and anchors matching up fairly well, the decided advantage comes to the thirds. Cindy will need to break out of her slump if she hopes to really put the pressure on Jessica who has already shown off her big game potential several times this season.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Match #5 – COOK vs. ARMSTRONG

Neither team put out their best bowling last week, with only one player on each team breaking average. Linda Orne (955) may be putting in a trade request soon as she is averaging 241 on any week where the other three are all away, but only 204 when her teammates are present. As this was an away week, Linda dominated Jennifer Duncan (702) and nearly got the sweep except for a 184 tie in the very last game. With the rest of the team combining for four points, this loss drops Team Armstrong in the standings to 13th, only 3.5 points ahead of 15th. Team Cook managed a slightly better night but also met some bigger scores from Team Campbell. The lone player to break average, Char McIvor (878), was also the lone one to pick up a win as well, beating Alyssa Campbell (788) 4-1. This was also the first week we saw evidence that Trevor Cook (943) is in fact still human, shooting his first week under 1000. Finally, if Derek Sabourin (779) continues to suck like this he is going to end up sponsored by Dyson.

Key Matchup

These two teams will balance out fairly evenly in the middle of the lineups, it is the top and bottom that give Team Cook a real edge. Trevor Cook has been dominant at anchor this season and as long as last week was a one off, I see no reason he won’t be back over 1000 this week, meaning Karen Armstrong will need to be too.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


One of these teams won and the other lost, though it’s not what you might expect. Team Naugler needed their bottom half to throw up some big scores and they came up clutch. Jeston Bartram (1032) seems to be finding his groove after a slow start, now averaging 241 over the past three weeks. Captain spare anchor Dan Sim (992) was a big difference maker when it came to grand total as he laid down a 206-pin beatdown on a less than great night from Brett Hendrickson (786). It may not have been a 200-pin win, but James Jubinville (1039) broke his yo-yo streak right on the head of Derek Sanderson (968). A matchup that saw the two leadoffs combine for a 251 average. Jon Linley (825) and Alycia Mann (855) entered as the two of the three undefeated players this season, the other being Trevor Cook who also lost. Team Lourenco really needed Alycia to show up rather than Harley Quinn, who played a little more like a Joker. Team captain Belle Lourenco (892) helped pick up some much-needed points to minimize the damage, going 4-1 with Jennifer Devenney (850), that saw three games decided by 8 pins or less.

Key Matchup

The top half for Team Naugler is where they are going to need to see some magic happen if they want to keep this match close. Adam Williamson (695) is facing the league’s highest leadoff bowler, James Jubinville, and Jordan Nickerson (745) is facing the leagues’s highest second Jon Linley. This means that both Adam and Jordan have no room to keep slacking off.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #7 – KING vs. S. GELARDI

Team King got a big win over Team Howarth in Week 8, keeping them in the top half of the league. A lot of their recent success can be attributed to the hot ball Wayne King (1016) has been throwing, four straight weeks over 1000 and fairly consistent scores throughout that entire span. It was also a big help for total when his opponent Glen Howarth (845) simply rolled over for him the last three games, shooting a 560-triple. An 883 from Anthony Novak (883) was a nice bounce-back after a tough Week 7, the only blemish on the night was an 103-pin loss in game three to Ray Bartel (889) that cost him total, but still a 3-2 win. Team S. Gelardi was one of the few teams last week to really be dominated in both the third and anchor positions. Holly Chaikowski (686) and Sam Gelardi (934) combined for a 422-pin deficit to Calvin Cline (836) and Dwayne Gelardi (1206). The team’s saving grace was Corey Chaikowski (1006) and Michael Young (1036) racked up seven points averaging a whopping 255 between them, and making up 247 pins.

Key Matchup

With Sam away at TPC, this match is really going to boil down to the Chaikowksi siblings versus Anthony and Garry Bell. Holly and Corey have thrown their best and worst totals this season in the last three weeks meaning they could be fairly big wild cards to know where they will end up at the end of the night. Regardless, they have the upperhand on their opponents who have had their fair share of struggles this season.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Team Hendrickson was unfortunately one of the few other teams to really get dominated at the third and anchor positions, being completely swept by Team Naugler. Robbie Hendrickson’s (920) loss to Jeston Bartram (1032) was fairly close and still recoverable, the real damage came at anchor with Brett Hendrickson (786) laying himself down in front of the train that was Dan Sim (992). Team Hendrickson was able to recover some points thanks to Cyndie Barnett (887) going shot for shot with Jordan Nickerson (745) taking all five points. Glen Howarth (845) was not far behind Brett as he saved himself with a 285 win in game one, and proceeded to nose dive off a cliff from there. Craig Enns (935) has been a solid foundation for Team Howarth in the third position, having nothing under 900 in the past four weeks, taking a 4-1 win over Chris Dewar (886) in Week 8. The team loss dropped them into 15th place, and a win this week would be huge in trying to climb back up to the middle of the pack.

Key Matchup

So fun fact, Team Hendrickson is on their 7th unique lineup this season, and after this week every player will have played in both the second and third position this season. The only bowler who has not played leadoff is Robbie and the only bowler left to play anchor is Cyndie. That being said, I think a fun match to watch will be between the leadoffs, Mike Devenney (829) and Chad Hurd (759).

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Howarth

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