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Friday Night All-Stars Week 9

Trevor (37-27-0) : Tyson (35-29-0)

WEEK 8 RECAP (Ghost Writer)

Costello vs. Howarth:

They always say "respect your elders" but that's not what Team Costello did, taking 22 points in their matchup against Team Howarth. In other news I think hell has frozen over because Sabourin's (990) spare average is over 230. Blair also wins "coolest first name" award.

Armstrong vs. May:

Despite Kyle Young's (943) identifying as Michael Young in the first 2 games, they still manage to snag 20 points from Team Armstrong. Kevin Boyko (1072) pulls the broom on Kyle Young which is a tad more impressive than Jayson throwing an 1111, make a wish!

Stevenson vs Nelson:

Team Nelson had a pretty good blackjack hand, taking 21 points from Team Stevenson. Ray Bartel (913)'s undefeated streak came to an end at the hands of Michael Young (954), who's confidence level now grows from 8% to 13%. Geoff Born (1183) does Geoff Born things, what else is new.

Leyte vs. D Gelardi: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Cordell missing bowling! Dwayne turned to Nicole Cousins (637) who happened to be in the building, but unfortunately, she got swept by Alycia Mann (943). Team Leyte had plenty of reasons to give high 5's, seeing as they took 5 points each in games 1, 3, and 4. They also took 5 points from the final totals.

Cook vs. Lamonica:

Can somebody ask Amanda if I can get a free cookie for being ghost writer? Thanks. Anyway, Team Cook takes the W with 18 points in what was a close match for the leadoff and 2-hole positions. Char (817) did her best 'Chad with a broken arm impression', such a great sister.

Youzwa vs. Rodych:

Carter Shade (782) makes a rare appearance, taking 2 points from Tim Hooper (815). Unfortunately for Tim, his team took the L and got 12 points as a consolation prize. Oh well, at least his annual pumpkin chemistry trick worked out. Here's an absolutely absurd stat: Brandon Mansell (1052) has been incredible so far with the 3rd highest average in the league, but apparently has fallen victim to opponents on PED's, giving him the 8th worst win %. I'm willing to put the house on him finishing the season with a 50+ win % though, any takers?

Steeves vs. S Gelardi:

Team Steeves should be thanking their spare Alyssa Campbell (1063), being that she took 4 points while the rest of the team took 4 combined. Meanwhile, Sam Gelardi (958) got the day off as the rest of his team carried him towards a 21 point week. Most surprising and impressive though was Kevin Grabowski (1124), least surprising was him making a Facebook post about it. (Love you Kev)

Meurrens vs Lourenco:

Naugler (753, not a typo) asks Brooke (999) if she can go easy on him, she responds "Nein nein nein!" and nearly gets the sweep, only giving up half a point in game 1. The young gun Quinton Crockett gets the sweep and thank God he did, otherwise Team Lourenco would've been flirting with a sub-3 point week. Naugler, 753? This isn't golf.



Both these team are floating in the bottom half of the league at the moment, but with Team Armstrong only a few spots away from creeping into A-side this could be a good week for them to gain some ground. The one positive for Team Steeves was Alyssa Campbell (1063) handing her future brother in-law Sam Gelardi (958) his second loss of the season, and graciously handing him a point in the last game as to not completely crush his confidence. The real pinch point that Team Armstrong will be looking to take advantage of is Jayden Nickerson (849) who has struggled his last three weeks shotting just three games over 210 in that span, and he comes in facing Richard Parisian (1007) who set a season high last week. Not far ahead of him was Kevin Boyko (1074) who handed Kyle Young (943) his first goose egg of the season, ending his night with a stellar 602-double.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Kevin Boyko vs. Marc Steeves - Both basically averaging 250, one loves to yell, the other is quiet. You can probably tell how this match is going by the decibels from Boyko's mouth.

Over/Under: # of Frames it takes Boyko to yell something (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #2 – YOUZWA vs. MAY

Coming off their best week of the season, Team May will look to keep the ball rolling against the league’s 15th ranked Team Youzwa. Jayson May (1111) continues to bowl either red hot or ice cold, and last week he scorched Richard Parisian (1007), giving up only a single point on the night. As it stands right now Jayson is either shooting 800s or 1100s, he has no weeks between. For Team Youzwa they are slowly seeing the return of Tim Hooper (815) who set a season high last week, even finishing the night with a 511-double, which ended up in him making the comeback win on Carter Schade (782) who took an 170-pin beating in the last two games.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Derek Sabourin vs Jayson May - Colton was desperate enough to ask D Sabs to spare. Luckily for Colton, 112's are soooo last season. Meanwhile, Jayson May can be seen polishing his broom.

Over/Under: Derek Sabourin first ball 3-pins (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Team Stevenson faced off with the league’s current #1 team last week and they rose to the challenge throwing a season best 3726, which was unfortunately met with a season best from their opponent at 4008. They did see a strong return from their captain as Dylan Stevenson (1050) took a 3-2 win over Tyson Nelson (1007). They also discovered if he really focuses on it Michael Young (954) can in fact pick his pins when his team’s money is on the line. After being called a beatable team Team LaMonica was out to prove that was not the case last week, and nearly did it except falling 15 pins short, losing total 3624-3610 to Team Cook. Chris Dewar (972) and Jennifer Devenney (1015) continue to be the back bone of this team, as they have now put up back-to-back season high totals.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Alley Bourcier vs Derek Sanderson - Something has to give for Alley. She's due for her first 800 of the season, flirted with it last week shooting 780. Alley needs to dig deep if she wants to beat Derek Sanderson, who has also been underperforming thus far. Both will shoot over average I think.

Over/Under: Michael Young total (914.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #4 – COOK vs. LEYTE

On the other end of that last match, we now have Team Cook who just barely squeaked out a win last week. For not a big guy I am surprised Trevor Cook (1082) has enough room to fit his entire team on his shoulders. Char Hurd (817) also did join Trevor in the win column managing to hold onto the 3-2 win over Derek Sanderson (790), making it three straight wins for Char as she faces off with Alycia Mann (943). Alycia and Jesse Leyte (1052) seemed to bring that off the lane chemistry onto the lanes last week as the pair both put up season highs, and combined for 9 points off Nicole Cousins (637) and Roland Flaig (887). Team Leyte will look to gain some ground this week as they currently sit second in the league.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Alycia Mann vs. Char Hurd - Both are severely underperforming this season, both are probably hungry to get back to form. Char is still the better Hurd.

Over/Under: Trevor Cook’s Spare Strikes (17.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #5 – D. GELARDI vs. RODYCH

Team D. Gelardi was left scrambling in this one as the unexpected absence of Cordell Galbecka literally has Dwayne Gelardi (906) grabbing a bowler out of the crowd. Unfortunately, without any warmup or expectation to bowl, Nicole had a slow start and was paired up with one of the stronger leadoffs in the league, Alycia Mann. Aside from that the team really was just flat all night, with each player having one game over 225, this needs to be a bounce back week to build some confidence. Team Rodych only looked marginally better due to a having a 1052 from Brandon Mansell but otherwise they are still waiting for Matt Rodych (899) and Cindy Cousins (854) to really pop off this season. This will be a good test with a little extra pressure facing a team with such a high ceiling.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Dwayne Gelardi's spare vs. Brandon Mansell: This one is interesting. Brandon definitely wants his win percentage up despite averaging 250+ for 8 weeks. Just realized Dwayne isn't going to be there. Too lazy to choose a different match, Brandon wins regardless of the spare.

Over/Under: Brandon Mansell Chop Spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #6 – LOURENCO vs. NELSON

Geoff Born (1183) once again proves that when the money is on the line he gets it, winning the Manitoba Open Satellite tournament, and setting a new season high, and much to Team Stevenson’s dismay running over Michael Linsenmeier (942) in the process. Quinton Crockett (1062) also came to play last week burying Jesse Gagnon (843) and not leaving him even scraps for points. This looks to be a quiet match with lots of encouragement and positivity. I wish Team Lourenco a good night of bowling.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Tyson Nelson vs Kevin Naugler: Most awkward shot vs hardest shot. Naugler wants to bounce back from his horrendous week last week and Tyson wants to continue showing the world that you don't have to follow through to be a good bowler

Over/Under: Low total on pair (820.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #7 – COSTELLO vs. S. GELARDI

Team Costello is coming in on a high, winners of their last four weeks, and on the hunt to make it five. The team has now seen Kyst Costello (1126) put up back-to-back 1100s as the first player to do so this season, and a big characteristic of that can be attributed to his corner spare efficiency missing just one of each corner over the last four weeks, 22/24 combined. Matt Turanski (821) had an off week but will look to bounce back against Brett Hendrickson, a match that would have been really thrilling about 5 years ago. I can bet when Team S. Gelardi asked Kevin Grabowski (1124) to spare last week, no one saw him shoot a career night, and poor Dave Duncan (812) was blown out of the water in the last three games with a 935-630 triple. This definitely was the difference maker in the match as the rest of the team’s matchups were pretty evenly balanced between each other.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Kyle Costello vs. Sam Gelardi: A heavyweight matchup here, 245 average vs 252 average and Kyle's had back-to-back 1100+ weeks. I'll know Sam's winning if he comes over and howls "I'm him" into my ear. I'll know Kyle's winning if he smacks my ass out of nowhere.

Over/Under: High total on pair (1099.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Team Meurrens put themselves back on the map last week taking 24.5 points off Team Lourenco who has been a top-3 team to start the season. They were another team with a big helping hand from their spare as Darren Maxwell (1166) continues to treat Team Lourenco like a brothel each time picking a different player to shaft (Week 5 shot 1247 at James Jubinville). This pair with a quiet 999 for Brooke Goulet, saw Team Meurrens really coast through their night. Team Howarth also coasted but it was more-so at like 20km/hr. The team did come out firing the last game to take an exciting 1022-1010 win over Team Costello, and salvaging 5 out of their 9 points to finish the night. Craig Enns (1026) had a solid night, but just had it overshadowed due to the 1126 shot at him by Kyle Costello.

Most intriguing matchup (Ghost):

Brooke Goulet vs. Craig Enns - I didn't really know who to pick here, Brooke has been the most impressive averaging 249 so I chose this match. Nothing else to say.

Over/Under: Brooke Goulet Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Halloween Costume Parade

Bowler ( Costume)

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