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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 1 in Review

Match #1 – COOK vs. GELARDI (9-22)

This match proved what’s on paper doesn’t matter, only how you bowl that night. Team Gelardi walked over Team Cook, with the exception of Alyssa Campbell who swept her match against Wayne Wolanski and contributed more than 50% of her team’s points. Lead-off spare Lana Wachal came in clutch taking 4 out of 5 points on the night. Captain Dwayne Gelardi shut-out Trevor Cook Friday night at the anchor position throwing the highest four game total of anyone in the league this season 1244.

Dominant Performances High Totals: Dwayne Gelardi – 341, 361 (1) Dwayne Gelardi – 1244 (4) Author’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #2 – YOUZWA vs. BARTRAM (14-17)

No one will say Week 1 doesn’t feature some rust for players just getting back into league. This was on full display game one with Derek Sanderson’s 152-129 win over spare bowler Les. Luckily both guys did only go up from there. Spares made up almost half this match, with Derek Orne and Dan Sim providing major roles to their respective teams. Derek taking 3 points and shooting a solid 1117, while Dan took all 5 points with his 871. This match featured several big games with team captain Colton Youzwa taking it to Derek with a powerhouse 386-302 win in game 1.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Colton Youzwa – 386 (1)

Jeston Bartram – 606 (2)

Derek Orne – 914 (3)

Author’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Match #3 – RODYCH vs. DEVENNEY (7-24)

There is no other way to describe this match other than as an absolute beatdown by Team Devenney. Three out of four players (Neil, Mike & Jennifer) took 3+ wins, plus their totals. The lead-off matchup featured another grind match with Neil Stewart stealing a win over Carter Schrade 140-138. Mike Devenney showed no mercy to young Hailey Roberts as he swept the points and took total by 408 points. The most exciting part of this match was undoubtedly watching Mike Devenney (you may have heard of him) finish up the night on a massive string of strikes and nearly shooting a 400, coming just short with a 395.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Mike Devenney – 395 (1)

Mike Devenney – 1019 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team Rodych ( X )

Match #4 – C. JEFFERS vs. COUSINS (7-24)

This match was another dominating win on the night with the ladies of Team Cousins not holding back at all against the men of Team C. Jefffers. Gillian LaMonica made a big statement Week 1 taking 4 points on the night with 965 total in the second position. Shannon McConechy’s blind score, for being absent, proved too much for Tim Hooper as they were close games but ultimately, he was left with only a single point at the end of the night. Team Cousins swept all the totals on the board tonight, though Gillian was the only one to win total by more than 80 points showing just how tight the matchups really were.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Gillian LaMonica – 334 (1)

Gillian LaMonica – 965 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers ( X )

Match #5 – KING vs. STEVENSON (10-21)

Another match featuring a lot of close totals that primarily went in favor of Team Stevenson. Though that being said lead-off Tyler Reynolds came out guns blazing only taking him two games to shoot his first 300 of the season. The scores weren’t too pretty in this one as Wayne King was the lone player to break the 900-mark. You know the anchors Dylan Stevenson and Karen Armstrong would have probably liked to see more from themselves as both were under 850 for the night as well. The last game of the night was a barn burner though with all matchups decided by less than 20-pins.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Tyler Reynolds – 300 (1)

Author’s Pick: Team King ( X )

Match #6 – B. JEFFERS vs. LOURENCO (16.5-14.5)

This was one of the closest matches of the night, featuring two game totals being decided by a single pin. The two dominating performances in this one came from Ethan Buckman at anchor and the “not even in the league” blind score of Cody Oullette. Ethan was in control every match from the start with Tyson really only showing up in the last few frames to salvage a few game totals. Dave Duncan left last week with a sour spot for that left 2-pin as he probably had a handful of them stand on him every single game. Sam Hunt struggled week 1, the frustration was quite visible, as Cody’s blind took everything. Those two single pin game totals 828-824 & 888-887 were the deciding factors in Team B Jeffers taking the win last week.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Ethan Buckman – 1000 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ()

Match #7 – LAMONICA vs. ORNE (18-13)

You thought the last match was tight with two games being single pin wins, how about having two game totals being decided by a single point. Game 2 went in favour of Team Orne 867-866, while game 4 went to Team LaMonica 892-891. Linda Orne and Darren Maxwell found their rhythm after a slow start and pulled out respectful totals of 936 and 974 respectively with both taking their totals in the process. Darren took advantage of a struggling Sam Gelardi snatching away 4 points. However, these were not enough as the top half the line up dominated for team LaMonica taking eight of ten points including a Week 1 sweep by Cindy Barnett over David Wastle. Grand total was the key in this match and Team LaMonica edged out Team Orne by 15 pins, 3482-3467, to just get the win.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Linda Orne – 515 (2)

Author’s Pick: Team Orne ( X )

Match #8 – ENNS vs. HURD (13-18)

I Hurd this was another tight match (insert audible groan from reader) as Team Hurd used a strong start to coast their way to victory. Both team captain Chad Hurd and anchor Brett Hendrickson shut out their opponents through the first two games, but were then shut out themselves in games 3 and 4. Kevin Naugler provided the most dominant matchup of the night taking four of five points from Garry Bell. Grand total was only separated by 40 pins and you have to think a big contributor to that was Brett’s early 339 game giving his team the slight boost it needed to take the win.

Dominant Performances

High Totals:

Brett Hendrickson – 339 (1)

Author’s Pick: Team Enns ( X )

In summary for this week it was a rather slow start around the league and only a handful of big totals were thrown. No surprise the league rookie making predictions only went 1-7 this week, with the only correct match being my own. Look for that to improve in the future. That being said, if anyone has any moments they would like mentioned or feel were notable feel free to reach out to myself, Tyson, or any member of the executive. Trevor Cook took over for the Week 2 preview, look forward to that coming your way shortly! Enjoy everyone!

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